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Team Silex wins in overtime

Team Silex has won the XV edition of the Andrés Parladé tournament, which was held in the Río Sotogrande polo fields of Santa María Polo Club.

The team, which was formed by Rosendo (0) and Santiago Torreguitar (+3), Marcelo Gigena (+1) (replacing Lawrence Isola) and Richard Fagan (+1), beat Powder Byrne/Blueye in the final match to 7-6 in an extra chukka, winning the traditional tournament that belongs to the Low Handicap Season, organized by the Santa María Polo Club.

Silex and Powder Byrne/Blueye played a great match in Río’s main polo field. Powder Byrne/Blueye, team formed by Christian Byrne (0), Joanna Mobley (0), Luciano Irazábal (+1) and Mario Gómez (+4), were more successful at the beginning of the match, being three goals ahead of their opponents.

After dominating the match and the scoreboard also in the second chukker, Silex reacted in the third period, tying the game to 5 goals and keeping the result open 7 minutes before the final whistle.

In the fourth chukker, Powder Byrne/Blueye scored two goals in the first minutes but Sirex reacted quickly and tied the match few minutes before the end, forcing the extra chukker.

In the extra time, a great move – started and finished by Rosendo Torreguitar, the bright hope for polo in Sotogrande – gave the victory to Silex.

The third position was for Royal Oman that beat Woodchester in an adjusted result of 8-7.

1st Silex (+5)

Rosendo Torreguitar (0)
Richard Fagan (+1)
Santiago Torreguitar (+3)
Marcelo Gigena (+1)

2nd Powder Byrne / Blueye (+5)
Christian Byrne (0)
Joanna Mobley (0)
Mario Gómez (+4)
Luciano Irazabal (+1)

3rd Royal Oman (+5)
Bassam Al Balushi (0)
Saiff Abdullah (0)
Horacio Laprida (+4)
Alberto Ibañez (+1)

4th Woodchester (+5)
Francisco Morales (0)
Carlos Piñal (+1)
Daniel Gariador (+3)
Craig McKinney (+1)

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