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Team Valiente earns victory

by U.S. Correspondent Alex Webbe
Team Valiente with Bob Jornayvaz (+1), Santi Torres (+6), Sapo Caset (+9) and Robert Zedda (+4) came out on top of a see-saw battle with Tonkawa Jeff Hildebrand (0), Gonzalito Pieres (+10), Rodrigo Andrade (+8) and Tomas Alberdi (+2) Sunday afternoon in the final of the 2014 Joe Barry Memorial Cup at the International Polo Club with a rash of penalties in the sixth chukker that turned a neck-and-neck game into a five goal rout.
Goals were hard to come by in the opening chukker of play, with Valiente’s Santi Torres scoring the first goal of the match at the 4:14 mark for a 1-0 lead. Teammates Roberto Zedda and Sapo Caset followed up with single goals of their own while Tonkawa was unable to get their attack on track and remained scoreless, and trailed 3-0.
Gonzalito finally got Tonkawa on the scoreboard in the second period by way of a pair of penalty conversions, but Valiente continued to lead, 3-2. Torres scored the final goal of the chukker to put Valiente on top of a 4-2 score.
The two teams traded goals in the third, with Caset scoring twice (one on a penalty conversion) for Valiente and Gonzalito Pieres (penalty shot) and Rodrigo Andrade picking up goals for Tonkawa. At the end of the first half Valiente was in front by two goals, 6-4.
Valiente team captain Bob Jornayvaz found himself on the receiving end of a beautifully placed pass from Caset and burned it through the goalposts for a 7-4 Valiente lead. Pieres responded with four consecutive goals (three on penalty shots) for their first lead of the day, 8-7. Valiente answered back, as Caset made good on two penalty shots to close the chukker. Valiente was back in the lead, but the margin had been cut to a single goal, 9-8.
Horse races up and down the field continued into the fifth chukker, but scoring was at a premium as neither team was able to break through the opposition to score. Valiente continued to defend a one goal lead, 9-8, as they entered the final chukker of play.
Defenses continued to rule the day in the opening minutes of the sixth chukker, until Caset scored from the field for a 180-8 edge. Torres made it 11-8 on his third goal of the day, but that was when the wheels came off the Tonkawa wagon. Three consecutive technical fouls were converted into two more goals for Valiente, with Caset converting on both attempts. The game ended with Valiente celebrating the 13-8 Joe Barry Memorial Cup victory.
Caset led all scoring with eight goals (four on penalty shots). Torres scored three times while Jornayvaz and Zedda each added a goal for the win. Pieres led the Tonkawa attack with seven goals (six coming on penalty shots). Andrade scored the other goal in the Tonkawa loss.
Valiente’s Santi Torres was named Most Valuable Player, while Rodrigo Andrade’s Quiosquero was honored as Best Playing Pony.

The teams:
Valiente (+20)
Bob Jornayvaz (+1)
Santi Torres (+6)
Sapo Caset (+9)
Robert Zedda (+4)
Tonkawa (+20)
Jeff Hildebrand (0)
Gonzalito Pieres (+10)
Rodrigo Andrade (+8)
Tomas Alberdi (+2)
Coca-Cola (+20)
Gillian Johnston (+2)
Jeff Hall (+7)
Julio Arellano (+9)
Nick Morrison (+2)
Los Machitos Heathcote (+20)
Steve Lefkowitz (0)
Matias Magrini (+8)
Mariano Aguerre (+9)
TBA (+3)
Orchard Hill (+20)
Steve Van Andel (0)
Lucas Criado (+8)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Marcos Alberdi (+2)
Palm Beach Illustrated (+20)
Jared Zenni (+2)
Tommy Collingwood (+4)
Facundo Obregon (+6)
Magoo Laprida (+8)
Flight Options (+20)
Melissa Ganzi (0)
Juan Bollini (+5)
Miguel Astrada (+9)
Freddie Mannix (+6)
Las Monjitas (+20)
Camilo Bautista (0)
Geronimo Obregon (+3)
Eduardo Astrada (+9)
Alejandro Astrada (+8)
Lechuza Caracas (+20)
Victor Vargas (+1)
Mariano Gracida (+3)
Juan Martin Nero (+10)
Martin Espain (+6)
Audi (+20)
Marc Ganzi (+1)
Carlitos Gracida (+3)
Nico Pieres (+8)
Nic Roldan (+8)
CT Energia (+20)
Alessandro Bazzoni (+1)
Kris Kampson (+6)
Joao Paulo Ganon (+7)
Nick Manifold (+5)
El Caburé (+20)
Federico Virasoro (+2)
Carlucho Arellano (+5)
Augustine Merlos (+9)
Stevie Orthwein (+4)
Faraway Polo (+20)
Hutton Goodman (0)
Martin Pepa (+5)
Santiago Chavanne (+8)
Mariano Gonzalez (+7)
Villa de Lago / Casablanca
Jim Zenni (0)
Polito Pieres (+9)
Augustine Obregon (+4)
Inaki Laprida (+7)

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