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The semi-finalists

Since Sunday, four teams have been selected to play in the 108th semi-final of the Nespresso U.S. Open Championship 2012 at the International Polo Club, Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida.
Team Zacara mit Magoo Laprida (+8), Lyndon Lea (+1), Facundo Pieres (+10), and Mike Azzaro (+7) has proven its abilities against Team Coca Cola. With a 13:7 victory the undefeated team celebrated its success as it joined its place in the semi-finals.
In the exciting and suspenseful match between the Teams Valiente I und Valiente II, Bob Jornayvaz (0), Polito Pieres (+8), Miguel N. Astrada (+9) and Nacho N. Astrada (+9) of Team Valiente I defeated the team of Adolfo Cambiaso (Valiente II). The 10-goaler, who suffered a break to his right wrist during the final of the USPA Gold Cup, had to leave prematurely (Polo+10 reports). Pablo MacDonough substituted in for him, but even he couldn’t prevent Cambiasos Team from suffering a 14:11 defeat and losing a place in the semi-finals.
The Teams Lechuza Caracas and Orchard Hill separated after their 13:11 game. Meanwhile Scott Wood (0), Augustine Merlos (+9), Sebastian Merlos (+9) und Paco de Narvaez (+8) from Team ERG defeated Team Audi 12:10.
On Wednesday the 18th of April 2012, Team ERG will play against Team Zacara for a place in the Final. Afterwards the Teams Valiente I and Lechuza will compete.

The teams and their wins and losses:
Alegria (+26): 1 win, 1 loss
Julian Mannix (+3)
Freddie Mannix (+6)
Mariano Aguerre (+9)
Tomas Garcia del Rio (+8)
Audi (+26): 4 wins, 2 losses
Marc Ganzi (+1)
Nico Pieres (+8)
Gonzalito Pieres (+10)
Jeff Hall (+7)
Coca-Cola (+26): 2 wins, 3 losses
Gillian Johnston (+1)
Hilario Ulloa (+9)
Julio Arellano (+9)
Luis Escobar (+7)

ERG (+26): 2 wins, 1 loss
Scott Wood (0)
Augustine Merlos (+9)
Sebastian Merlos (+9)
Paco de Narvaez (+8)
La Ensenada (+25/+26): ): 0 wins, 3 losses
Ernesto Gutierrez (0)/Alt Fermin Gutierrez (+1)
Lucas James (+8)
Matias Magrini (+9)
J.A. Garcia Grossi (+8)
La Lechuza Caracas (+26): 4 wins, 1 loss
Victor Vargas (+1)
Sapo Caset (+10)
Juan Martin Nero (+10)
Facundo Obregon (+5)
Las Monjitas (+26): 0 wins, 3 losses
Camilo Bautista (0)
Inaki LaPrida (+7)
Javier N Astrada (+9)
Eduardo N Astrada (+10)
Orchard Hill (+26): 1 win, 3 losses
Steve van Andel (0)
Mariano Gonzalez (+7)
Pablo Macdonough (+10)
Lucas Criado (+9)
Valiente I (+26): 2 wins, 1 loss
Bob Jornayvaz (0)
Polito Pieres (+8)
Miguel N. Astrada (+9)
Nacho N. AStrada (+9)
Valiente II (+26): 2 wins, 3 losses
Robert Jornayvaz (0)
Pelon Stirling (+10)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
Alejo Taranco (+6)

Zacara (+26): 4 wins, 0 losses
Magoo Laprida (+8)
Lyndon Lea (+1)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Mike Azzaro (+7)

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