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Fight for historic trophy

On Saturday, 14th March, this year’s edition of The Spencer Cup was played for at the Malta Polo Club. Two teams, including club members, fought for the historic trophy, which was first presented to the Malta Polo Club in 1928 by Sir Charles Spencer – 6th Earl Spencer (The Viscount Althorp) in memory of his son Sir Cecil Spencer, who had died tragically in 1928 at the age of 33.

Team Chukkas, including Jean Vella (-2), Miles Lockwood (-1), Patrick Filletti (0) and Martin Arrigo (+2), took an early lead in the first chukka with an early goal by Miles Lockwood. Outstanding defence from Jean Vella, and fast runs to goal by Team Jeep’s Ben Farrugia (-1) and Julian Mamo (+2) lead to Team Jeep pulling ahead in the second chukka, with three goals scored. However, in final seconds of the third chukka, Patrick Filletti used his experience and skill to prevent the opposition driving the ball home and Team Chukkas once again took the lead with another goal from Martin Arrigo.

With all to play for in the last chukka, Ben Farrugia showed inimitable style and was unstoppable with a superb goal, passed up by Chris Delia (+1) and Matthew Brincat (-2) for Team Jeep. Demonstrating skill, and determination, two superb last minute goals by Martin Arrigo and Patrick Filletti resulted in a 5.5-4 goal win by Team Chukkas. The Cup was presented to the winning team by Kenneth Rizzo Naudi of UCIM/JEEP – 2014/2015 Season Sponsors.

The Spencer Cup is just one several historic trophies that have been played for at the Club since its inception 1868. Malta Polo Club is the oldest polo club in Europe.

The teams:
Team Chukkas (-1)

Jean Vella (-2)
Miles Lockwood (-1)
Patrick Filletti (0)
Martin Arrigo (+2)

Team Jeep (0)
Matthew Brincat (-2)
Ben Farrugia (-1)
Christian Delia (+1)
Julian Mamo (+2)

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