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Pieres brothers successful again

Team Ellerston with John Williams (0), Ali Paterson (+2), Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres (+10) continues its triumph by winning one of the most awaited matches of Spain’s polo season in Sotogrande. In the final of the high goal Copa de Plata El Corte Inglés, part of the 42nd Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo, team Ellerston defeated Halcyon Gallery with Charlie Hanbury (+5), Jota Chavanne (+5), William Lark (+7) and Max Routledge (+5) by 13-11.
The two teams had come to the Santa María Polo Club to participate in this tournament after not having taken part in the Copa de Bronce. The final match went down to the wire and the Pieres brothers enthralled the audience with their excellent play. From the start, Ellerston took the lead and at the beginning of the fifth chukker they were 12-6 ahead. But Halcyon Gallery made a recovery in the two final chukkers and in the end the result was 13-11. This means another victory for Facundo Pieres and his team Ellerston. Before winning the Copa de Plata El Corte Inglés in Sotogrande they already were successful in three leading tournaments outside Argentina: the US Open, the Queen’s Cup and the Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup.
In the final of the medium goal Copa de Plata Valecuatro, Tom Brody (0), Juan Britos (+4), James Beim (+7) and Tommy Beresford (+1) of team Equus won against Costa Rica by 10-7 and took the trophy home. Prior to this match, Los Dragones repeated its success at the Santa María Polo Club. Two weeks before winning the low goal Copa de Plata Makarthy, Andrew Nulty (0), Carlos Piñal (+1), Diogo Gallego (+4) and Mariano Iturrioz (+1) had already won the final of the Copa de Bronce Makarthy. In the final match for the silver cup they defeated Costa Rica by 13-7.
Yesterday the competition for the Copa de Oro in three divisions started at the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande. 32 teams participate in the 42nd Torneo Internacional Land Rover de Polo, a record in the history of the prestigious tournament. The final matches for the Copa de Oro will be held at August 31 and September 1.

The teams:
League handicap +22
UAE Polo Team (+22)
HRH. Sheika Maitha (0)
Sebastian Merlos (+9)
Lucas Monteverde (+10)
Santiago Stirling (+3)
Ellerston (+22)
Ali Patterson (+2)
John Williams (0)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Ayala (+22)
Iñigo Zobel (+1)
Guillermo Willington (+7)
Pablo Mac Donough (+10)
Juan Jauretche (+4)
HB Polo Team (+22)
Ludovic Pailloncy (+2)
Sebastien Pailloncy (+3)
Ignacio Toccalino (+8)
Juan Ignacio Merlos (+9)
El Rosario (+22)
Alejandro Peñafiel (0)
Valerio Zubiaurre (+7)
Milo Fernandez Araujo (+8)
Salvador Ulloa (+7)
Scapa (+22)
Michael Redding (+1)
Jack Richardson (+4)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9)
Marco Di Paola (+8)
Dubai Polo Team (+22)
Rashid Albawardy (+2)
Martin Valent (+5)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
Patricio Cieza (+5)
Halcyon Gallery (+22)
Charlie Hanbury (+5)
Max Routledge (+5)
Guillermo Terrera (+7)
Jota Chavanne (+5)
Royal Salute (+22)
Petrus Fernandini (0)
Alejandro Muzzio (+8)
Jaime Gargía Huidobro (+8)
Malcolm Borwick (+6)
Dos Lunas-Hola (+22)
Pascual Sainz de Vicuña (+6)
Jason Warren (+1)
Diego Cavanagh (+7)
Tomás Garcia del Rio (+8)
League handicap +10 to +12
Saphire / Bayswater London Gin (+12)
Pablo Mora (+1)
Lawrence Isola (+1)
Tomás F. LLorente jr. (+5)
Horacio F. Llorente jr. (+5)
Santa Quiteria / John Smith (+12)
Gabriel Aguierre (+1)
Gonzalo Entrecanales (+2)
Ricky Trujillo (+3)
Pedro Soria (+6)
Cheval des Andes / Esperanza (+12)
Kevin Korst (+2)
Ian Galliene (0)
Cristian Bernal (+5)
Santiago Laborde (+5)
UAE Polo Team (+12)
Carla Álvarez (0)
Santiago Stirling (+3)
Julio Ruggeri (+4)
Martin Valent (+5)
Bardon Polo Team (+12)
Andras Tambor (0)
Rashid Albwardy (+2)
Matias Machado (+4)
Facundo Castagnola (+6)
FTC (+12)
Roger Carlsson (0)
Mario Gomez (+4)
Ignacio Gonzalez (+6)
José Puebla (+2)
Woodchester (+12)
Craig McKinney (+1)
Edward Banner-Eve (0)
Guillermo Cuitiño (+6)
Silvestre Garros (+5)
Equus (+12)
Peter Silling (0)
Juan Britos (+4)
James Beim (+7)
Tommi Beresford (+1)
Silex (+12)
Richard Fagan (+1)
Yago Espinosa (+2)
Edwin Morris Lowe (+2)
Juan José Brane (+7)
Dr. “A” (+12)
Abbar Abdelrahman (0)
Maximiliano Malacalza (+4)
Alejo Taranco (+6)
Jaime Serra (+2)
Kaptive Leones (+11)
Petrus Fernandini (0)
Luis Domecq (+2)
Martin Iturraspe (+6)
Ignacio Domecq (+3)
Costa Rica (+12)
Philip de Groot (0)
Felipe Gomez (+1)
Tomás Garbarini (+4)
Gonzalo von Werniche (+7)
Valdeparras (+12)
Jaime Espinosa de los Monteros (+1)
Kaveh Atrak (+1)
Diogo Gallego (+4)
Santiago Cernadas (+6)
La Indiana (+12)
Michael Bickford (+1)
Freddy Horne (+2)
Mat Perry (+3)
Marcos Aaraya (+6)
Saint Mesme (+12)
Birger Strom (+1)
Robert Strom (+3)
Corentin Lepape (+2)
Clemente Zavaleta (+6)
Marques de Riscal (+12)
Alejandro Aznar (+2)
Luis Aznar (0)
Miguel Amieva (+4)
Gerardo Mazzini (+6)
League handicap +6
Silex (+6)
Richard Fagan (+1)
Edwin Morris Lowe (+2)
Santiago Torreguitar (+3)
Martin Stegemann (0)
Los Dragones (+6)
Andrew Nulty (0)
Carlos Piñal (+1)
Diogo Gallego (+4)
Mariano Iturrioz (+1)
Widmill Farm (+6)
Paul Knights (0)
Pepe Simo (+1)
Mario Gomez (+4)
Luciano Irazabal (+1)
Shakib Polo (+6)
Kaveh Shakib (0)
Joanna Mobley (0)
Juani González Otharan (+2)
Tiago Gallego (+4)
Costa Rica Polo Team (+6)
Miguel Gomez (0)
Nick Johnson (+2)
H. Pieres (+4)
Steve Rose (0)
La Indiana (+6)
Bickford (0)
TBA (0)
Jamie Morrison (+4)
TBA (+2)

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