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La Dolfina defends title

Yesterday the final of the 2014 Tortugas Open took place, following several delays due to heavy rain. The final seemed to be a repetition from last year’s final with La Dolfina and Ellerstina once again facing each other. And the result was also very similar to last year’s result: La Dolfina defeated Ellerstina by 14-8 and won the first title of this year’s Argentine Triple Crown.

La Dolfina has managed to defend its title from the previous year successfully. In 2013, the team including Adolfo Cambiaso (+10) had won the tournament at the Tortugas Country Club for the first time. In the previous years Ellerstina had won the prestigious tournament six times in a row.

From the beginning, La Dolfina dominated the match. The first chukka ended with 3-0 for Adolfo Cambiaso (+10), David Stirling (+10), Pablo Mac Donough (+10) and Juan Martín Nero (+10) and during the course of the game Ellerstina could not catch up. Facundo Pieres (+10), Gonzalo Pieres (+10), Mariano Aguerre (+9) and Nicolás Pieres (+9) did their utmost to get in the lead, but La Dolfina scored too many goals. Most successful was Adolfo Cambiaso, he scored a total of eight goals.

The teams:
Group A
La Dolfina (+40)

Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
David Stirling (+10)
Pablo Mac Donough (+10)
Juan Martín Nero (+10)

La Aguada (+36)
Facundo Sola (+8)
Guillermo Caset (+9)
Miguel Novillo Astrada (+10)
Ignacio Novillo Astrada (+9)

Magual (+33)
Alejandro Muzzio (+8)
Ignacio Toccalino (+9)
Marcos Di Paola (+8)
Jaime García Huidobro (+8)

Group B
Ellerstina (+38)

Facundo Pieres (+10)
Gonzalo Pieres (+10)
Mariano Aguerre (+9)
Nicolás Pieres (+9)

Alegría (+36)
Pablo Pieres (+9)
Hilario Ulloa (+9)
Lucas Monteverde (+9)
Frederick Mannix (+9)

La Aguada Las Monjitas (+33)
Lucas James (+8)
Cristian Laprida (+8)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (+8)

Tortugas Open 2014
© Carlos Weygang
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