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Two winners at La Aguada Polo Club

The final of the Guards La Aguada Polo Cup was really a close call between Clive Reid’s AFB and Laura McCarthy’s Emlor and so both patrons agreed on a gentlemanly draw, after the scores showed 9-9 at the end of the fifth chukka. This was a fitting end to a week of polo that had stood out for its camaraderie on and off the field of play.

Clive Reid’s AFB team were ahead 2-1 after the first chukka, but Emlor were straight back into the game, and at half-time both teams had five goals apiece. AFB pulled ahead by one in the fourth, only for Emlor to close the gap in the fifth and final chukka.

Neil Hobday, Guards Polo Club’s CEO was at La Aguada to watch the matches, which featured four Guards Polo Club patrons, and he was delighted to present the trophy to both Clive and Laura.

This is the second year of the Guards La Aguada Polo Cup, played at the Novillo Astrada’s La Aguada polo estancia in Open Door, an hour drive from Buenos Aires. The hallmark of this tournament is that each team not only features a Guards patron, but also a member of the high-goal Novillo Astrada family and everyone has the chance to play on La Aguada’s impressive string of ponies.

The final was followed by an equally close sub final, featuring Karim Sheikh’s BHC Polo and Nicola Anderson’s Nirvana. However there was a definite winner this time – Nirvana winning 11-9.

The teams:
AFB (+16)

Clive Reid (0)
Francisco Benoit (+1)
Peter Webb (+5)
Miguel Novillo Astrada (+10)

Nirvana (+14)
Nicola Anderson (0)
Charlie Holley (0)
Juan Carlos Harriet (+5)
Nacho Novillo Astrada (+9)

Emlor (+15)
Laura MacCarthy (0)
Leonora de Ferranti (0)
Nacho Gonzalez (+6)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr. (+9)

BHC (+15)
Karim Sheikh (0)
Will Johnston (+2)
Will Emerson (+5)
Alejandro Novillo Astrada (+8)

Guards La Aguada Polo Cup
Prize giving ceremony at La Aguada Polo Club. (© Matias Callejo)
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