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Two winners at Torneo de los Restaurantes

The Torneo de los Restaurantes „La Quinta“ has ended with two winners at a time. From 30th May until 1st June six teams competed against each other in the course of the third edition of the tournament. The matches took place at the Río Sotogrande premises of the Santa María Polo Club in Sotogrande, Spain. All participating teams bore the names of popular restaurants, which are located in Sotogrande and support the tournament with social events.

In the final the teams Midas with Rosendo Torreguitar (0), Richard Fagan (+1), Jack Kidd (+3) and Lawrence Isola (+1) and Mara with Kaveh Shakib (0), Sophie Stanek (0), Mario Gómez (+4) and Luciano Irazábal (+1) met. Shortly before the end of the second chukka, team Midas was in the lead by 3-2, but then a thunderstorm brought the match to a halt. After two hours the organizers decided to end the final and call it a draw between both teams.

The tournament is known for having multiple social events, which are hosted by several restaurants. The tournament is being organized by the Santa María Polo Club with the support of the Argentine restaurant La Quinta, which is located next to the Río Sotogrande premises of the Santa María Polo Club. Numerous polo players from Sotogrande come together for this event, offering the perfect combination of entertainment and top polo games in an extraordinary environment.

More exciting tournaments are about to come up at Santa María Polo Club during the next weeks: this weekend the Andrés Parladé Memorial (6th to 8th June) will be held, followed by the Conde de la Maza Memorial (13th to 15th June and 20th to 22nd June) and the Jerez Cup (27th to 29th June). In July the guests will witness the tournaments Founder Enrique Zobel (4th to 6th July) and Prado Colón de Carvajal (11th to 13th July) as well as the highlight of the season, the Land Rover International Polo Tournament (25th July to 31st August).

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