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In search of something special

What is the idea behind this unusual online marketplace? Founder Frank Müller says: “My long-time friend Björn Hemken and I both burn for elegant rarities, designer pieces and works of art, which we now offer at Unikatoo. “We love seeking out small manufacturers or studios both domestically and abroad and are happy when we come across special unique items there.” The global contacts acquired over the years by both jet setters form the basis for the platform “UNIKATOO – unique things in style”.

Luxury marketplace

The specific idea to make a business from their passion for the exceptional originated a few years ago when Frank Müller was looking for an unusual e-bike. “I wanted a real unique item which was made especially for me, if possible. After a lot of research, I encountered manufacturers where designers and talented craftsmen were dedicated to producing special bicycles.” He was not only fascinated by the quality and passion behind the products – he also recognised the untapped potential of these operations: Only a few have a professional sales team and draw attention to themselves and their skills. This is where Unikatoo comes in and bridges the gap between designers and manufacturing operations as well as lovers of special rare pieces.

Idyllic beaches and precious cars

There are currently around 200 products in Unikatoo’s portfolio. The price range of the unique items is wide – for around 90 euro you can have a hand crafted pencil case made of the finest leather. At the upper end of the scale is a rare Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing for around 1.6 million euro. One thing unites all objects, regardless of the value and design: They are all unusual and special – genuine unique pieces

For example, the range includes the 2.5 metre high “Dragon” barbecue, whose grill cover opens and closes through pneumatic springs and oil pressure units. This rarity made of stainless steel combines unusual design with the highest quality and is exclusively available from Unikatoo. Other pieces on the marketplace: A real collector’s item for car enthusiasts and fans of the comedian Heinz Ehrhardt: The comedian once took his Sunday trips in the silver Mercedes-Benz 250-SE Coupé.

Anyone planning a romantic dream holiday will also find something wonderful at Unikatoo. Eight of the ten most beautiful spots in the world for an idyllic candle light dinner on the beach can be booked via the platform. For example, a five-star resort on the small Malawian island of Likoma, which is ranked as the “most romantic place in the world”, not without reason, due to its crystal clear, occasionally emerald green water and its unspoiled sandy beaches. Or the “North Island Resort” in the Seychelles – a jewel in the Indian Ocean. Eleven luxurious beach villas, designed by hand in a tree house style by local artists, sprawl over the wooded hillsides of North Island.

Also exclusively available at Unikatoo: The powerful “Cross” e-bike, an extremely high-performance electro-motor cross bike with a maximum speed of 50 km per hour – developed completely by a single source and assembled predominantly by hand. The bike accelerates from zero to fifty in a very short time through a so-called “turbo button” – guaranteeing a full charge of adrenaline.

Unikatoo’s exclusive individual tree houses on your own property make all children’s dreams come true. The unique pieces are designed and put in place in accordance with individual ideas and in consideration of the trees into which it will be integrated – size, shape, furnishings and material are selected and adapted as requested. For example, it is possible to have a high, horizontal structure as well as a vertically positioned construction with two or more levels.

Enthusiasts will find more special items here:

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