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USPA Maserati 109th US Open Polo Championship

The upcoming USPA Maserati 109th U.S. Open Polo Championship at the International Polo Club Palm Beach is a four-week, 26-goal tournament that will finalize the 10th Anniversary Season at the International Polo Club, and the four-month Florida winter, high-goal polo season. The USPA Maserati 109th U.S. Open Polo Championship is the highest rated polo tournament on the continent, showcasing the world’s most elite, high-goal players and the finest polo ponies. The tournament takes place from March 28 to April 21.
International Polo Club Palm Beach, the nation’s most prestigious polo facility, is proud to announce Maserati as the title sponsor of the esteemed USPA Maserati 109th U.S. Open Polo Championship for the 2013 season. “Maserati is one of the automotive industry’s marques of excellence, an example of status, elegance, and luxury,” said John Wash, president of the International Polo Club (IPC). “We are proud to be aligned with a company – and its cars – that embodies a genuine sporting spirit that personifies style and exclusivity.” “Similar to the sport of polo, Maserati represents passion, performance, and sophistication,” commented Andrea Soriani, director of marketing and communications of Maserati North America. “Given our long tradition in international competition, we look forward to working with the IPC in order to ensure a captivating USPA Maserati 109th U.S. Open Polo Championship.”
The USPA Maserati 109th U.S. Open Championship will also feature an impressive celebrity lineup. From talented singers for the National Anthem to actors for the coin toss, the championship does not fall short of excitement and prestige, including Liz and Ann Hampton Callaway, Brooke Eden, Bo Derek, Lauren Holly, Antonio Sabato jr., Cheryl Moana Marie and Lee Greenwood.
The USPA U.S. Open Polo Championship dates back to 1904. The tournament was first played at Van Cortland Park in New York. In 2004, the International Polo Club landed the championship, and it has been played here ever since. The Zacara team will strive to defend their 2012 championship title led by Argentine Open champion player, 10-goaler Facundo Pieres, along with 8-goaler Magoo Laprida, and 7-goal American player, Mike Azzaro, as well as player patron Lyndon Lea.

The Teams:
Alegria (+26)
Julian Mannix (+2)
Hilario Ulloa (+9)
Mariano Aguerre (+9)
Facundo Obregon (+6)
Audi (+26)
Marc Ganzi (+1)
Nico Pieres (+8)
Gonzalito Pieres (+10)
Jeff Hall (+7)
Coca-Cola (+26)
Gillian Johnston (+1)
Sugar Erskine (+7)
Julio Arellano (+9)
Sebastian Merlos (+9)
ERG (+26)
Scott Wood (0)
Tincho Merlos (+9)
Eduardo Novillo Astrada (+9)
Paco de Navaez (+8)
Faraway Polo (+26 / +25)
Bo / Hutton Goodman (+1 / 0)
Santiago Chavanne (+9)
Nic Roldan (+8)
Matias Magrini (+8)
Lechuza Caracas (+26)
Victor Vargas (+1)
Polito Pieres (+8)
Juan Martin Nero (+10)
Francisco Elizalde (+7)
Orchard Hill (+26)
Steve van Andel (0)
Rodrigo Andrade (+8)
Pablo MacDonough (+10)
Matias MacDonough (+8)
Piaget (+26)
Melissa Ganzi (0)
Nacho Badiola (+6)
Sapo Casset (+10)
Miguel Astrada (+10)
Valiente (+26)
Bob Jornayvaz (0)
Pelon Stirling (+10)
Adolfo Cambiaso (+10)
Santi Torres (+6)
Zacara (+26)
Facundo Pieres (+10)
Lyndon Lea (+1)
Magoo Laprida (+8)
Mike Azzaro (+7)
Zorzal (+26)
Fred Mannix (+6)
Jason Crowder (+6)
Marianito Obregon (+7)
Mariano Gonzalez (+7)

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