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The countdown is on

From 16th January six international teams, including players from eight nations, will compete against each other at the Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup in Kitzbühel on the Münichauer Wiese. The team presentation is already at Thursday evening in front of the Hotel zur Tenne in the heart of Kitzbühel and the chukkas will take place at the polo pitch on Friday. The programme includes three matches per day. On all match days there will be free entry to the public area.

For the first time, Sky will be aboard as media partner and will accompany the event with a film crew. The Inside Report on Sky Sport News HD will report on the same weekend of Snow Polo. In a quiet charity auction, Sky will auction an exceptional prize in Kitzbühel: A VIP UEFA Champions League package including two final tickets, Meet&Greet with former national soccer player Karl-Heinz Riedle and a stadium tour – sponsored by UEFA. The proceeds will be fully donated to projects of the Sky foundation. Also players and guests can proof their riding skills for a small optional donation at a mechanical reindeer.

With a challenging off-road parcours, team sponsor Audi claims on every match day the ability and driving skills of the audience. Boarding, test your own abilities and enjoy real driving comfort – the horsepower on the edge of the polo pitch promises an unforgettable automobile experience.

Also this year the organisers proceed with a high standard and meticulous preparation at the Snow Polo event. The pitch is cared for all year round. As the first snow falls, the pitch will be daily rolled and prepared. The safety of the horses and the players must come first. The horses arrive several days before the tournament, so they can be carefully prepared for the conditions of Snow Polo. Frank Bahrenburg and Tito Gaudenzi of Lifestyle Events: “We are expecting about 10,000 to 12,000 visitors on three days. About one third of them at the VIP area. Just the “polo family”, with all the players, coaches, sponsors and the organizing team, we reach 4,000 overnight stays, mainly in the four and five star area. Our biggest fans are from Munich and Vienna, the focus is therefore Austria and Germany. Altogether we currently have guests from 35 different countries.”

The teams:
Valartis Bank (+11)

Stefan Proietti (+1)
Matthias Vial (+7)
Tito Gaudenzi (+3)

Tom Tailor (+13)
Uwe Schröder (+1)
Heinrich Dumrath (+4)
Gastón Maíquez (+8)

KCC / Transgourmet (+10)
Henk van Druten (+1)
Maurice van Druten (+3)
Sylvio Coutinho (+6)

Bernd Gruber (+11)
Steffi von Pock (+1)
Eva Brühl (+3)
Adrian Laplacette jr. (+7)

Audi (+10)
Estelle Wagner (+1)
Patrick Maleitzke (+4)
Tatu Gomez Romero (+5)

DWB Holding (+10)
Sebastian Schneberger (+2)
Philip de Groot (+2)
Valentin Novillo Astrada (+6)

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