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Hot Chukkas in Hamburg

Team Tom Tailor with Naomi Schröder (0), Caesar Crasemann (0), Caspar Crasemann (+2) and Santos Anca (+6) won the Youpooly Polo Challenge 2012 against Team Youpooly with Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein (0), Nico Wollenberg (+1), Agustin Kronhaus (+3) and Marcelo Caivano (+4). In the halftime the score was 4:1 with Tom Tailor in the lead. Then the match became especially fierce and both teams committed fouls. Two penalty shots were rewarded to Team Tom Tailor, which resulted in goals 3 and 4 as well as a penalty shot for Team Youpooly. In the beginning of the third chukka Team Youpooly scored three goals but it was not enough to catch up.
The match was overshadowed by a bad accident. Tom Tailor was leading against Team Youpooly at the end of the third chukka with a score of 6:4 when Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein’s pony stumbled in front of the opposing goal. He was thrown into the air and his pony partially landed on him. He was treated on the field for 40 minutes and taken to a hospital. The players on both Tom Tailor and Youpooly decided to end the match with a final score of 6:4 out of sportsmanship.

Team POLO+10 with Lukas Sdrenka (+1), Tatu Gomez Romero (+4), Sven Schneider (+3) and Jo Schneider (0) came in third place against Team Engel & Völkers with Victor Beckers (+1), Tim Wards (+2), Christoper “Niffy” Winter (+3) and Oliver “Nolly” Winter (+2). Tatu Gomez Romero scored most of Team POLO+10’s goals and amazed the spectators with his impossibly long shots. Team POLO+10 had an exceptional lead in the beginning of the match. Team Engel & Völkers shot more goals in the second half of the game than Team POLO+10 but the match was already decided for Team POLO+10 and ended with a final score of 11:6.
Gastón Maíquez (+6), who won the German High Goal Championship last weekend in Berlin, suffered a knee injury on Friday and was replaced by Eduardo Anca who played on Team Köpi/Lanson on Saturday and Sunday. Team Köpi/Lanson was pushed to sixth place when Team Idee Kaffee/Sylt Lounge defeated them with a score of 9:6,5.

Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein (0) was awarded “Most Valuable Player”. Everyone applauded Christopher “Niffy” Winter for organizing the tournament, in its fourth year. Despite the temperatures of more than 35 degrees the players and ponies seemed calm and focused on the game and the audience stayed cool and well hydrated thanks the shaded pavilion and the varied ice cold drinks and ice cream offerings of the Hamburg Polo Club.

Sunday, 19th of August 2012:



Idee Kaffee/Sylt Lounge






Engel & Völkers




Tom Tailor






1. Tom Tailor (+8)
Naomi Schröder (0)
Caesar Crasemann (0)
Caspar Crasemann (+2)
Santos Anca (+6)
2. Youpooly (+8)
Carl-Eugen Oettingen-Wallerstein (0)
Nico Wollenberg (+1)
Agustin Kronhaus (+3)
Marcelo Caivano (+4)
3. POLO+10 (+8)
Lukas Sdrenka (+1)
Tatu Gomez Romero (+4)
Sven Schneider (+3)
Jo Schneider (0)
4. Engel & Völkers (+8)
Victor Beckers (+1)
Tim Wards (+2)
Christopher Winter (+3)
Oliver Winter (+2)
5. Idee Kaffee/Sylt Lounge (+8)
Matthias Grau (0)
Heinrich Dumrath (+2)
Thomas Winter (+5)
Nici Sandweg (+1)
6. Köpi/Lanson (+8)
Matthias Sdrenka (0)
Christian Grimme (0)
Gastón Maíquez/Eduardo Anca (+6)
Federico Heinemann (+2)

Besides the photos by Rolf Simon in the photo gallery below, there are many other pictures available on Facebook. They can also be viewed without having a Facebook account.

Youpooly Polo Challenge Hamburg 2012 – part 1: >> hier klicken
Youpooly Polo Challenge Hamburg 2012 – part 2: >> hier klicken

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