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Berenberg German Polo Masters Sylt 2019

Maserati wins the 21st Berenberg German Polo Masters Sylt 2019 against last year’s winner König Immobilien Sylt. After five breathtaking match days, the legendary polo event attracted more visitors than ever before in beautiful island weather.

More than 10,000 enthusiastic spectators watched the exciting matches in the qualifying rounds and at the final weekend on the grounds of the Polo Club Sylt in Keitum. In addition to the polo matches, the 3rd Sylt Horse Show and the largest number of exclusive exhibitors to date in their white pagodas at the edge of the field were real crowd-pullers. The ground seems to tremble when the polo horses thunder along the spectators at 60 kilometres per hour and the teams fight for every goal on the over 28,000 square metre playing field. Fair play and the well-being of the horses are the highest priorities in polo. And if you know the most important rules as a spectator, you are right in the middle of the action as a polo newcomer and cheer on your favourites. Together with the English referee Mark Holmes from Cambridge, presenter Jan Erik-Franck explained the „Little Polo 1×1“ to the visitors in an equally expert and entertaining manner and explained the dos and don‘ts of the fast sport to the audience.

Team Maserati finally took the lead 9-8 after a breathtaking final against Team König Immobilien Sylt. König Immobilien Sylt had won all matches of the Berenberg German Polo Masters which had been running since Wednesday.

In the first game of the day for the 5th place won team Gogärtchen with 7-5,5 against team Lanserhof & Dunkelziffer. In the match for third place, Team Polo Club Sylt & Transgourmet secured 3rd place with a final score of 9-4. Team Berenberg reached the 4th place.

Karsten Wehmeier, Head of Communications at Berenberg, Germany‘s oldest private bank, is delighted about the successful tournament: „Berenberg and Polo, Polo and Sylt – they simply belong together. Never before so many visitors have followed the tournament. We are very happy about this great encouragement and about the high interest of the teams to play on Sylt“.

Organizer Stephanie „Kiki“ Schneider: „After last year‘s anniversary event, the 21st Berenberg German Polo Masters were once again a real highlight in the tournament calendar of international polo sport. A summer in Sylt without the important polo tournament on the Keitumer playground can no longer be imagined. It has become a tradition that we don‘t want to miss in the future. Of course we also owe our success to all our partners and sponsors, to whom I would like to express my sincere thanks once again for their many years of friendly cooperation and joint success. Special thanks also go to the local authorities, helpers, islanders and the Petersen and Franzen families for their unique support. They make the tournament what it is today, next to the great spectators“.

In addition to the games, visitors could marvel at the stands of various exhibitors and let themselves be inspired. The converted aluminium Airstream caravan from Sigma, which presented highly professional lenses and cameras, caught the visitors‘ eye. The Italian sports car manufacturer Maserati was not only represented as a team at the tournament, but also exhibited the new Maserati Levante Trofeo with a powerful V8 engine and 580 hp. Visitors also had the opportunity to see classic Maserati cars such as the rare Ghibli SS from 1972 and a Maserati Indy 4.9 from 1973. La Martina, which has been an integral part of the polo spectacle for many years, has provided the teams and visitors with trendy polo clothing.

As in previous years, catering in the VIP area also offered the highest culinary delights. For the ninth time already, it will be hosted by Hamburg‘s Nobelbrasserie „Die Bank“, which is known far beyond the borders of the Hanseatic city for its first-class and unusual cuisine.



1. Maserati (+8)
Marc Aberle (0)
Giordano Magini (+1)
Tim Ward (+3)
Micky Duggan (+4)

2. König Immobilien (+8)
Cedric Schweri (0)
Stefan Locher (0)
Joao Novaes (+5)
Thomas Astelarra (+3)

3. Polo Club Sylt & Transgourmet (+8)
Matthias Grau (0)
Christian Grimme (0)
Eduardo Anca (+5)
Tuky Caivano (+3)

4. Berenberg (+8)
Jo Schneider (0)
Sven Schneider (+1)
Santos Anca (+5)
Christopher Niffy Winter (+2)

5. Gogärtchen (+8)
Reinhold Hoffmann (0)
Patricio Gaynor (+4)
Cristobal Durrieu (+4)
Alexandra Ott (0)

6. Lanserhof & Dunkelziffer (+7)
Jan-Hendrik Többe (0)
Thomas Winter (+3)
Agustin Kronhaus (+4)
Oliver Winter (0)

© Thomas Wirth
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