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MEYER and VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS collaborate in the US 

© Vladi Private Islands/MEYER YACHTS
  • Showroom opening of the German family businesses in Palo Alto, California, USA in winter 2023
  • Presentation of private islands (rental and purchase islands) around the globe in combination with exclusive floating villas and yachts that can be docked to the private islands and thus protect nature

Papenburg/Hamburg/Palo Alto, November 2023 The MEYER Group and VLADI PRIVATE ISLANDS are cooperating in the important US market, where they will jointly present private islands in prime locations around the globe as well as floating villas from MEYER Floating Solutions and superyachts from MEYER YACHTS. The two German family-owned companies are also opening a showroom in Palo Alto, California.

Floating villas offer the unique opportunity to live on the water and feel at home on a private island without disturbing the tranquillity of nature. The floating buildings are used in an environmentally friendly way without interfering with nature and are self-sufficient with renewable energy sources. This ideal combination promises unlimited opportunities to explore the impressive beauty of the sea and the lush vegetation of a private island. In this unique combination, private islands and floating villas offer the opportunity to create your own idyllic and climate-friendly living space.

©Vladi Private Islands/MEYER YACHTS

“Floating solutions are manufactured in a protected environment under industrial conditions, minimising the impact on nature during construction and throughout their entire service life. This makes them the perfect and, above all, environmentally friendly addition to a private island, which is often located in pure nature, describes Thomas Weigend, Chief Sales Officer of the MEYER Group.

Vladi Private Islands and the MEYER Group are now teaming up to bring this new and previously unavailable concept to the US, opening a brand new showroom on University Avenue in Palo Alto, California, featuring a wide selection of private islands for rent and purchase, as well as customised floating homes and superyachts. “Through our rental property, Singer Castle in the 1000 Islands River, New York, which receives over 25,000 visitors a year, we are receiving more and more enquiries from island seekers from the USA. That’s why we chose this location on the West Coast as our base and point of contact for our US customers,” explains international island broker Farhad Vladi.

“Private islands offer absolute peace, privacy and a perfect contrast to city life. Having your own private paradise surrounded by sparkling waters is the ultimate island dream for many. It is an island buyer’s wish to leave the island untouched – as much as possible. That’s why the concept of combining private islands and floating homes was born,” says Farhad Vladi.

In addition to the private island portfolio of Vladi Private Islands, the superyacht concepts ONE50 and TWO10 from MEYER YACHTS, both of which have a clean drive system with fuel cells and batteries, will be presented in the showroom. This means that these yachts are also paving the way for these technologies to be used in other types of vessel in the future. The THREE05 concept, a combination of superyacht and floating home, which was recently unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, will also be on permanent display in Palo Alto. There will also be two more spacious floating villas from MEYER Floating Solutions.

© Vladi Private Islands/MEYER YACHTS
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