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Brazil shines bright in All Pro Polo League World Tour

The All Pro Polo League (APPL) continued its 2018 World Tour on Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22, landing in its third destination of the year: Brazil. Three matches were played at Helvetia Polo Club, Indaiatuba, over the weekend, which saw top players like Pelon Stirling, Sapo Caset, Facundo Sola and Ignatiues Du Plessis take to the field.

On Saturday, Caset and Du Plessis teamed up with Pedrinho Zacharias and Willian Rodrigues, both local, 7-goal players, to challenge Facundo Sola and Pelon Stirling, who played alongside Joao Paulo Ganon and Olavo Novaes (also 7-goals). Action continued on Sunday with two matches, where high goalers shared the field with Brazilians enthusiastic to play with APPL rules.

The last time an outstanding Argentine player travelled to Brazil to play was in the year 2000, when the Heguys visited. So an appearance from 10-goal superstar Sapo Caset was very well received. “This was my first time in Brazil and it was a lot of fun,” shares Caset. “The people are very considerate and kind. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of polo there, by the club, the fields, the private grounds, everything was first class. The APPL matches were competitive, and there were several Brazilians who play well and have a lot of potential.”

“Playing the APPL is always good fun, and we are working to further polish the rules,” continues Caset. “In fact, after discussing it with Javier, we tweaked a rule before the games on Sunday. It is always positive to continue innovating and improving. I think Javier’s concept of an APPL World Tour is great. So far this year I have played the APPL in the US, now in Brazil, and we hope to be able to organise an exhibition in Russia during the football World Cup. It’s also likely that we will do something in England. I support the APPL and I’m happy to be a part of the project.”

Javier Tanoira, founder of the All Pro Polo League, is adamant that the level of polo can only grow on a global scale if players from diverse nationalities improve. He holds that this can only happen if these up-and-coming players can learn from the best in the world. Tanoira believes that Brazil has potential to become one of the central destinations of the international polo circuit.

“Brazil has a very prominent polo culture,” he explains. “Those who play have a higher than average level of polo than in other countries, so there are not necessarily many patrons. In most places, the only way to create good polo is by hiring foreigners, but the Brazilians can play good polo among themselves. Brazil is going to be a set fixture in the APPL World Tour. We are working together with the locals and we are very in sync with everyone there.”

Brazilian Pedrinho Zacharias was much inspired by the concept behind the league. “I loved playing the APPL,” he shares. “The game really changes with the new rules, it is a lot faster and more dynamic. Players nowadays change very frequently and I am not sure if today’s horses can handle playing five minutes non stop, but we have to change that mentality and learn how to manage the horses. Playing with Pelon, Sapo, and Facu was an amazing experience.”

The next stop on the All Pro Polo League WORLD TOUR: France! Follow @allpropolo on social media for information on fixtures.

Teams Saturday

Sao Jose
Pedrinho Zacharias (7)
Willian Rodrigues (7)
Sapo Caset (10)
Ignatiues Du Plesses (8)

Sao Martinho
Facundo Sola (9)
Joao Paulo Ganon (7)
Pelon Stirling (10)
Olavo Novaes (7)

Teams Sunday

Toca do Gato
Sapo Caset (10)
Rafael Villela (5)
Jorge D. Junqueira F. (3)
Tom Ferreira (0)

Guilherme Lins (5)
Javier Tanoira (5)
Serginho Figueiredo (3)
Luiz D. Junqueira (4)

Facundo Sola 9
Sylvinho Coutinho 5
Ubajara Andrade 4
Edinho Leite 0

Luiz Paulo Bastos (6)
Alexandre Junqueira (7)
Eduardo D. Junqueira (3)
Sergito Cardoso (1)

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