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GONZALO QUESADA continues as the POLO RIDER CUP Ambassador

Gonzalo Quesada, the Argentinian former rugby player, professional coach of Stade Français Paris and a passionate polo player, continues as the POLO RIDER CUP Ambassador for the second year.

Gonzalo Quesada was pleasantly surprised with the high level of the teams, players and ponies that came to the tournament and the amazing quality of the pitches in all the games of the POLO RIDER CUP’s first edition.

He believes there are two main reasons for the success of the POLO RIDER CUP. First, the originality of being a club competition – this might sound standard for other sports, but it’s unique in polo. And second, the professionalism of the whole organization, with great attention paid to detail, that made the experience extraordinary for the spectators, players, and teams.

While talking with many players who took part in the first edition, Gonzalo Quesada realized how keen they were to win the tournament, putting in a lot of preparation and effort.

For Quesada, there are two similarities between rugby and polo. One is the commitment to your team and your role in the pitch, with each player being essential for the team and dependent on the others. And the other, that they are both contact sports, with a lot of adrenaline, it is all about winning the line and fighting for the position.

Quesada sees polo as having an exciting future, with a lot of people passionate about the sport, especially in France. He believes the POLO RIDER CUP is a great tool to increase the popularity of polo worldwide, with teams from all around the world competing in this unique 10-day international event.

Gonzalo Quesada, Ambassador of the POLO RIDER CUP, comments: “I’m thrilled and honored to continue as the POLO RIDER CUP ambassador for the second year, and fully committed this international competition. This year the tournament is bound to be even better than the first edition!’’

Benoît Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME POLO, comments: ‘’We are very happy to be able to count again on Gonzalo as the Ambassador for the POLO RIDER CUP. He has shown his passion for polo and done great work for the promotion of the POLO RIDER CUP. Gonzalo represents our sport and the gentleman spirit perfectly. He brings us the culture of rugby and a strong sense of family, two values that FIP founder Marcos Uranga also defended and brought to Polo. We feel it’s important to continue to share these values.’’

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