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GU Polo Team Clinches Historic Victory at 2024 USPA Intercollegiate Regionals

© Gustavo Fraga-Errecart

In a remarkable achievement for Georgetown University, the GU Polo Team clinched a historic victory at the 2024 USPA Intercollegiate Southeastern regionals held at the University of Virginia, marking their first prestigious win since the team’s inception in 1952. The finals saw an exhilarating match against Virginia Tech, where the GU team demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork to secure their victory.

The tournament also brought individual accolades to the team members, highlighting their outstanding contributions and skills. Ford Middendorf was awarded the Best Horsemanship Award for his superior performance and expertise in handling the horses. Alfonso Pla Zobel de Ayala received recognition as the all-around player, showcasing his versatility and skill in the game. Additionally, Hamilton Gundlach and Benedikt Jaenecke earned the Best All-Stars Award, marking them as the top players of the tournament and acknowledging their significant impact on the team’s success.

The victory stands as a testament to the dedication, hard work, and spirit of the entire GU Polo Team. Within a span of less than six months, they built a formidable team from scratch, showcasing their prowess at the highest level of intercollegiate polo. This success is attributed to the collective effort of the team, with special mentions to Alfonso Pla, Ashley Parekh, HRH. Prince Muhammad Bin Talal, and Ford Middendorf for their leadership, and Lucie Bacon for her unwavering support and hard work.

The team’s journey to victory was supported by various individuals and organizations, including Dori Burner of Battlefield Polo Club for providing excellent facilities and magnificent horses, Amir Pirasteh for offering clinics, advice, and access to play at Natania Polo Club, and Wayne and Kate from Seneca Polo Club, the team’s host club. The USPA Ass. POLO+10 and all sponsors, parents, and supporters played crucial roles in this remarkable achievement.

This win not only showcases the team’s passion and commitment to the sport but also highlights the strong sense of community and camaraderie within Georgetown University’s sports programs. Looking ahead, the GU Polo Team is gearing up to compete at the USPA Intercollegiate Nationals at Central Polo Club in California, where they will face the top college teams from around the country and the world. The tournament, set to be broadcasted live worldwide by ESPN, presents an exciting opportunity for the GU community to rally support for the team.

The GU Polo Team’s historic win and their journey to the nationals reflect the university’s dedication to excellence in sports and the remarkable spirit of its student-athletes. The team’s achievements are a source of pride for Georgetown University and a beacon of inspiration for future successes.

Gustavo (GUS) Fraga-Errecart
Polo Head Coach 
Georgetown Polo Club

© Gustavo Fraga-Errecart
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