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Joao Novaes © Kathrin Gralla


The 2023 edition of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, from August 17th to 20th, promises to be highly competitive… as usual! Four teams with two captains from Germany, one from Switzerland and one from France (the defending champion), and three other nations will be represented: England, Brazil and, of course, Argentina, headlined by Martin Aguerre Jr, winner of the prestigious Copa Càmara in Argentina.

It‘s in the colors of HUBLOT that ‚Martincito‘ Aguerre, handicap 7, will discover the very special polo field at Saanen-Gstaad airport for the first time in his career. A valuable asset for German captain Jürgen Schröder. Martin Aguerre Jr. is a player who essentially „grew up“ in France, at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly.  His father, Martin, was a pillar of the Chantilly-based Swiss team, Marquard Media, and played in Gstaad. Martin Jr. took over naturally, while his father has become a renowned referee who can be seen judging the biggest matches, such as those of the Argentine Open. This Abierto, which Martincito’s uncle Mariano won twelve times with three different teams, including La Dolfina. Enough of a reference to underline the fact that we‘re dealing here with one of the great families of Argentine polo… and therefore of international polo.

Former winner of the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad in 2018, Swiss businessman Cedric Schweri returns this year in the green colors of KIELDER AGRO GROUP, still counting on Brazilian World Champion Joao Novaes. The Gstaad public knows and appreciates his spectacular, forward-moving game. In top form, he is capable of turning around the game. Last year, KIELDER AGRO GROUP was a finalist with a different team: will Cedric Schweri‘s new line-up offer him a chance for revenge?

The other German captain, Peter Cromm, will be counting on British player Max Charlton to lead GSTAAD PALACE to victory. Max Charlton is vivid player with his horses from England. Charlton is an all-round player, having shone on the snow in St. Moritz and is handicap 10 in Arena Polo! But he‘s just as daunting on grass: he more or less won all UK medium goal cups like the Queen Mother’s Cup (15-goal) and he recently won the traditional Westchester Cup in Wellington (USA), a high-goal match between the United Kingdom and the United States?

Last, but not least, title-holder Sébastien Le Page of France, seduced by Raul Laplacette‘s play and efficiency at the last edition where he promised to return with the Argentinian this year: „Raul? He‘s the quiet force! Yes, you get the impression that he‘s in slow motion all the time, but in fact he‘s always on the ball. This is the first time I‘ve played with him, but it won‘t be the last.” It‘s true that the Argentinian moves around the field with ease, giving the impression of being in several places at once and regularly sending long, decisive passes to his team-mates. A crucial player capable of bringing a second title to Lepage and a first to the new colors of Team GSTAAD.

For four days, the lawn bordering the airport‘s runway will be transformed into a competition field to which all eyes in the polo world will turn. But this sport is not just for the initiated: it‘s spectacular, easy to follow and fascinating. The beauty of the horses amazes, the skill of the players is jaw dropping. And it doesn‘t take long for the public to take up the cause of one of the four teams battling it out on the field. Six games in all, two each day, on Thursday 17th, Saturday 19th and the finals on Sunday 20th. Friday the 18th is dedicated to the traditional and picturesque team parade through the streets of Gstaad.

After the games, life doesn‘t stop: you can visit the village with its magnificent stalls, eat and drink, meet the players and a huge playground awaits the children.

From August 17th, the Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad is sure to be the Alpine event not to be missed.



Jürgen SCHRÖDER – DE – Hcp. 0 (CAP)
Juan CORREA – ARG – Hcp.3
Matias GONZALEZ – ARG – Hcp. 4
Martin AGUERRE Jr. – ARG – Hcp. 7

Cedric SCHWERI – CH – Hcp. 0 (CAP)
Joao NOVAES – BRA – Hcp. 5
Thomas ASTELARRA – ARG – Hcp. 3
Francisco MENENDEZ – ARG – Hcp. 6

Peter CROMM – DE – Hcp. 0 (CAP)
Max CHARLTON – ENG – Hcp. 6
Matias MAIQUEZ – ARG – Hcp. 5
James EMLYN – ENG – Hcp. 3

Sébastien LE PAGE – FRA – Hcp. 0  (CAP)
Facundo KELLY – ARG – Hcp. 4
Francisco FUCCI – ARG – Hcp. 4
Raul LAPLACETTE – ARG – Hcp. 6

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