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Clinique La Prairie wins Hublot Polo Gold Cup in Gstaad

The 24th Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad at the Saanen airfield saw spectacular polo matches against the breathtaking alpine backdrop. Polo Grandsigneur Dr Piero Dillier and his team could take the victory home.

With perfect weather and unforgettable alpine views it was only fitting the final be equally spectacular, and as expected, the teams boasting some of the world’s best, didn’t disappoint. Finally it was team Clinique La Prairie with Piero Dillier, Bautista Beguerie, Juan Manuel Gonzales and Lucas Labat who made it to the very top of the 24th Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad. They defeated opponent Team Hublot with Marco Elser, Marcos Antinori, Nicola Antinori and Julio Novillo Astrada by a clear 10-5.

The best amateur player of the tournament, American Marco Elser, wore his trademarked grin while explaining that despite the clear defeat (10-5) there was no place for disappointment at the awards ceremony: “Being a finalist is already a great success in and of itself, and the winner was a beautiful team which produced a beautiful game with effective team organization and very good horses.”

Lucas Labat, Clinique La Prairie’s backbone, admitted it wasn’t that difficult to win with a team which has both, talent and chemistry. “I think this team is one of the best I’ve played with here in Europe, where I’ve been playing since 1998. The team worked together perfectly, the conditions were ideal, and the organization a well-oiled machine. For me, Gstaad is one of the best tournaments in Europe. My job was to send the ball to my forwards, who could then chain the goals. This is the type of polo I believe in, and I am convinced that in the future, we must return to this kind of open game.” In the match for 3rd, Banque Eric Sturdza made good on their promise to try for the best result despite being dethroned of their title by Clinique La Prairie. In a much tighter game, they beat Gstaad Palace. In August 2020 this unique polo event will celebrate its 25th anniversary. With Pierre Genecand and his teams at the helm, the quarter century celebration is sure to amaze team.

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