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Irina Kazaridi: Polo & Horses

A few years ago, Russian Irina Kazaridi started her career as an international photo-grapher. Since then she travels the world to shoot the “behind the scenes moments“ of polo. In St. Moritz she presents an exhibition of her work at the VIP tent.

Irina Kazaridi, a fine photographer who was an artist since childhood & studied art in St. Petersburg before going to the European Institute of Design in Milan.

She has exhibited different shows in various cities around Russia, Europe & Dubai. Including “Persistence of Vision”, about permanent and changeable, it’s a series of seascapes photographed over a period of time. “Light Frequency”, a series about yachts at night -Illusory play of light and reflections.

The research of a new story which could give an eternal inspiration led the artist into the world of horses: the grace enclosed in the anatomy of the animal, the sculptural lines of the croup and the majestic neck turn- the search of creating the perfect portrait – in the incessant pursuit of perfection.

Culture and tradition of horses originates in the East.

Hence the interest and love of the artist to places such as Meydan , where some of the brightest races of the world take place, and on the stables you can take pictures of the best horses.

Polo is another passion of the artist, which is reflected in her latest collection – emotion and human connection combine in this remarkable series. Irina travels the world from Normandy, Tuscany , St Moritz, Spain , Argentina, Dubai & Palm Beach capturing the drama and majestic grace of horse, rider, spectator trinity.

About my style and technique:

Characteristic techniques and features that form my style:

I work alone and have no any assistance in my shootings , except the groom or horseman. I don’t use any lamps, flashes or artificial lighting-

I Love to work with the natural sun light : diffuse, reflected or direct, which looks more natural on the photo and also is more comfortable for the horses.

The worthy result depends not only on my professionalism and a good camera;

it’s a series of circumstances putted together , as a weather conditions and light, character and current mood of the horse.

That’s why The results of shootings are often unpredictable, It’s kind of lottery, where the Luck is an irreplaceable factor.

In my frame, I want to emphasize the beauty of my model and even make it more perfect than in reality : I attach great importance to graphic forms, perfect composition and light.

Most of my works are black and white , minimalistic , on a white background.

Maybe that’s why my horse portraits are very graphic, and in my opinion, they are the perfect design item.

I like the idea of deliberately creating my work for interiors – probably because my muses are designers who revere horses , like Christian Liagre, Gilles & Boissier, Hermès…

Images: © Irina Kazaridi

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