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LA AGUADA POLO CLUB rounds out the draw for the 2021 POLO RIDER CUP

LA AGUADA POLO CLUB (ARG) is the last team to round out the draw for the 2021 POLO RIDER CUP, competing against the Chantilly Polo Club (FRA), Hamburger Polo Club (GER), Dos Lunas Polo Club (SPA), Moscow Polo Club (RUS), Evviva Polo St. Moritz (SUI), Düsseldorf Polo Club (GER), Las Brisas Polo Club of Chicago (USA), Empire Polo Club of Coachella Valley (USA), Deauville International Polo Club (FRA), Polo Park Zürich (SUI) and Hong Kong Polo Association (HGK). The POLO RIDER CUP will be held from 10 to 20 June 2021 at the Polo Club of Chantilly, north of Paris.  

La Aguada Polo team will comprise the following players:
1. Sebastian Schneberger (0)
2. Valentin Novillo Astrada (+6)
3. Max Bosch (+3)
4. Moritz Gaedeke (+3)

Eduardo Novillo Astrada Sr comments: “As President of La Aguada Polo Club, I am very happy to have a team playing the opening edition of the POLO RIDER CUP. It is an honor, both for La Aguada and the Novillo Astrada family, with four generations playing competitive polo, to be a part of this remarkable new and challenging tournament. La Aguada, founded by my father and winners of the most coveted trophy in the world, The Triple Crown in Argentina, is extremely thankful for the invitation, and we are very much looking forward to giving our best as well as to encourage playing competitive and friendly games alongside some of the best polo clubs worldwide.”

Sebastien Schneberger, Captain of La Aguada Polo Team, comments: “I am very honored to represent La Aguada in such a unique event as the POLO RIDER CUP. La Aguada is one of the best-known polo clubs in Argentina, winners of the Triple Crown and home to the Novillo Astrada family. I am fortunate to have Valentin Novillo Astrada on my team – a loyal companion for many years now. Being part of the very first POLO RIDER CUP is a fantastic opportunity for me to position La Aguada also on a European level by competing against some of the most remarkable clubs in this new cup.”

Benoît Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME Polo, comments: “We are very proud and honored to welcome La Aguada Polo Club for this first POLO RIDER CUP. La Aguada Polo Club is a very important organization and well known internationally, a beautiful location with high-class polo pony breeding facilities. Their President, Edouardo Novillo Astrada Sr, is also the father of Eduardo Novillo Astrada Jr, the President of the AAP, the strongest polo association in the world, and it’s a real honor to welcome them as founding clubs. The lineup of the team is based on Valentin Novillo Astrada and the Captain, Sebastian Schneberger, with very competitive ponies, and an impressive polo experience in Europe where they have competed in all the main tournaments.”

For more information, please contact GAME Polo at:

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