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After the Chantilly Polo Club (FRA), the Hamburger Polo Club (GER) and the Dos Lunas Polo Club (SPA), the Moscow Polo Club (RUS) is the fourth polo club to have confirmed its participation in the 2021 POLO RIDER CUP, which will be held from 10 to 20 June 2021 at the Polo Club of Chantilly, north of Paris. The Moscow Polo Club will comprise the following players:

1. Gleb Fetisov (0)
2. Misha Rodzianko (+2)
3. Clement Delfosse (+5)
4. Edouard Pan (+5)


Misha Rodzianko, the Captain of the Moscow Polo Club, comments: “The Moscow Polo Club is proud to participate in the inaugural POLO RIDER CUP. This will be our club’s debut tournament at the international level, and we hope our lineup, comprising two Russians and two Frenchmen, will do well. Our club’s goal has always been to develop polo locally. Taking part in challenging international events is key to developing a taste for higher levels of the game at home. We have looked to the club in Chantilly for inspiration since our inception and very much look forward to this competition!” Benoît Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME Polo, comments: “We are honoured to count on the participation of Moscow Polo Club, a team composed of French and Russian players. This team will enhance the tournament’s international exposure and will attract a lot of supporters in their country and internationally, which is good for polo.”


About the Moscow Polo Club (

The Moscow Polo Club was founded in 2003 and since then has been on the forefront of promoting the sport of polo in Russia. Currently located near the village of Tseleevo, approximately 60 km north of the centre of Moscow, the club has two beautiful regulation-sized fields, a practice field, an arena and a 1 km track. The club has excellent horses imported from Argentina, Europe and the US and has used this fine imported stock as the first organisation to breed horses specifically for polo in Russia. Russian horse breeds trained at the club have also proven themselves to be excellent polo ponies, notably the Akhal-Teke’s of Turkmenistan and Karachaevsky horses of the Caucuses. The club is home to over 60 polo ponies. Our mission is to develop the sport of polo, train new players and expand on the breeding and training of polo horses in Russia. Polo is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone, as the speed, skill and courage that players demonstrate on the field makes for the most exciting leisure pursuit in the world.

About GAME Polo (
GAME Polo is a French sports marketing agency with activities in event management, marketing & sponsorship, licensing & merchandising, TV & digital distribution and hospitality.

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