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MOTHERLAND’s Success Story in Western Kenya: A Sustainable Revolution for Small-Scale Farmers and the Future of Africa!


Opening New Avenues for African Agriculture through Innovative Technologies, Start-Ups, and Regenerative Farming Methods and Economic Models

In the heart of western Kenya’s Siaya County, an inspiring success story is unfolding, one that has the potential to reshape the future of agriculture and its related broken food system throughout Africa. MOTHERLAND, an emerging social enterprise, is harnessing innovative approaches to support small-scale farmers while driving sustainable transformations within agricultural communities.

Confronting the Challenges of African Agriculture

While the African continent boasts abundant resources and fertile land, its agriculture sector wrestles with challenges such as poverty, food scarcity, and dependency on foreign aid. Joseph, a farmer from Siaya County, faces seasonal crop losses of up to 65%, compounded by low market prices and a lack of buyers. These difficulties stem from inadequate infrastructure, limited technology access, and insufficient training opportunities.

MOTHERLAND’s Trailblazing Approach

To address these issues, MOTHERLAND launched a pilot project in Siaya County in January 2023. The company connects African small-scale farmers with local start-ups and focuses on regenerative farming methods and sustainable economic models. In just 7 months, MOTHERLAND achieved remarkable results. Collaborating with Kenyan start-ups, they supported 547 farmers to harvest and sell 250,000 kg of sweet potatoes. This previously

untapped potential has already initiated sustainable change.

Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Community Development

One of MOTHERLAND’s most impressive accomplishments is the significant reduction of crop losses from 65% to a mere 10%. These efforts not only led to economic independence within the community but also increased the profit per kilogram of sweet potatoes from 30 Kenyan Shillings to 50 Kenyan Shillings. Moreover, an innovative community fund was established, managed by the community itself, enabling investments for the greater communal welfare.

Inter-Generational Transformation and Future Prospects

MOTHERLAND refuses to rest on its laurels. The newly launched youth program, “Young Earth Guardians,” encourages the adoption of regenerative farming practices and new technologies among future generations. This initiative bridges tradition and innovation and supports 180 children, with numbers growing daily.

Peering into the Future

MOTHERLAND’s mission is far from complete. The company envisions expanding its successful model beyond Siaya County and aims to minimize post-harvest losses not only in sweet potatoes but also in other value chains such as maize, beans, and avocados. This ambitious goal illustrates that MOTHERLAND seeks to make a difference not only locally but on a broader scale.

A Glimpse into the Future: MOTHERLAND’s Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

MOTHERLAND’s vision transcends Kenya’s borders. The company strives to extend its successful model across the entire continent, fostering sustainable and regenerative improvements in the livelihoods of farming families throughout Africa. This endeavor underscores that the future of Africa rests on the shoulders of no less than 900 million small-scale farmers. This impressive number highlights the scope of responsibility and potential embedded within these agricultural communities.

Africa boasts the lowest CO2 emissions compared to other continents, presenting a promising foundation. With prudent action and by avoiding the mistakes of developed nations, Africa has the opportunity to become a trailblazer in sustainable economic development. As the youngest continent, Africa can chart innovative pathways that transcend traditional growth models, prioritizing both social and ecological well-being.

MOTHERLAND’s ambitious plans and support from organizations like GIZ and the knodel foundation demonstrate that collaborative efforts can indeed effect change. By championing regenerative agriculture and creating an ecosystem orchestrator, they set an example for the world, proving that it’s possible to harmonize growth and responsibility.

The future of Africa may present challenges and opportunities and with organizations like MOTHERLAND, hope prevails. They pave the way for a sustainable and regenerative future that benefits not only farmers but also entire societies. Their journey’s continuation is bound to bring forth inspiring developments and opportunities for Africa and the entire world.

A Partnership for Sustainable Change

MOTHERLAND’s endeavors wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of GIZ and the Knodel Foundation. Moreover, in collaboration with Good24, MOTHERLAND has created an innovative alliance. Unlike traditional insurance brokers, Good24 operates as a nonprofit and could oversee the management of corporate pension schemes (bAV), among other offerings. The nonprofit Good24 gGmbH gladly supports MOTHERLAND’s Africa Initiative with profits derived from insurance commissions. This novel approach facilitates supporting social projects like MOTHERLAND without incurring additional costs or efforts.

United for a Better Future

MOTHERLAND’s success story showcases that collaborative efforts, innovation, and dedicated supporters can indeed catalyze sustainable change. The vision of a thriving African agriculture sector and a stronger community lies within reach. With each form of support, they inch closer to their dreams and actively shape Africa’s future. Visit Good24’s website or book a digital consultation appointment directly with Good24 to learn more and become a part of this inspiring movement.

For more information and updates, please visit MOTHERLAND’s official website.

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