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Polo Park Tiam

© Mark Intelmann

A New Beacon for Polo in Northern Germany

Situated between Bremen and Hamburg, Polo Park Tiam is making a name for itself as Germany’s most exclusive polo club. With first-class facilities and a dedication to fostering the next generation of players, it is revolutionising the sport.

Highlight of the Northern German Polo Scene: Polo Park Tiam

Set amidst an expansive sea of meadows and pastures, a new gem of German polo is emerging between Bremen and Hamburg: Polo Park Tiam. Sarah Schrader’s intensive search up and down the country, concluded near Hamburg, where she found the perfect location for a polo club. The Polo Park Tiam, a 22-hectare polo oasis in the Elbe-Weser triangle, opened its doors in the spring of 2022.

A Polo Paradise near Hamburg

For both polo enthusiasts and professionals, the Polo Park in Neu Bretel provides an extensive infrastructure: a large full-size cancha that can be divided into two playing fields, a two-kilometer-long canter track, a 60×40-metre outdoor riding arena, and an indoor polo arena. “Our strength lies in our manageability,” emphasizes Sarah Schrader. The facility offers 20 stables, half- or full livery services and everything the heart of a polo enthusiast could wish for, such as a solarium and a horse walker. Although the facility could theoretically be expanded to 70 stables, this does not align with Sarah Schrader’s philosophy. Her declared goal is to meet the highest expectations of horses and riders in the areas of training, sport, and breeding.

A unique selling point of Polo Park Tiam is the impressive 60x40metre indoor arena. It is the only establishment of its kind in Europe, as confidently stated by the manager. Regardless of the weather, horses and riders can train in Neu Bretel all year round.

Polo Park Tiam hosts four annual competitions, two of which are held in the light-flooded indoor arena and 2 on the extensive outdoor playing fields. Sarah Schrader invites participants to these tournaments twice a year. Horses are turned out every day and enjoy the generous 20 hectares of pasture and paddocks.

Women-Power in Polo

Besides a successful career in real estate, project development, and interior design in Hamburg, Sarah Schrader’s true passion has always been for the sport of polo. Sarah’s keen eye and sensitivity for aesthetic designs is evident in every corner of Polo Park Tiam, particularly in the stylish and charming Polo Riders’ Lounge. The Persian-born designer named her riding facility “Tiam”, Persian for “my eyesight.” This name underlines her profound connection to the sport and simultaneously alludes to polo’s historical roots, which trace back to the 6th century BC in Iran and the Near East.

At that time, women were already actively involved in polo – a fact that Sarah Schrader, loves to emphasize. At Polo Park Tiam is she is dedicated to promoting and supporting women’s polo, even by using her own magnificent Appaloosa stallion Sopreso.

Sopreso, a breeding stallion showing a distinctive colour pattern across his back and hips, contributes to Sarah’s goal of breeding reliable, safe, and easily manageable polo ponies. Through this, she aims to make the sport of polo more appealing to women, children, and young people.

Despite a handicap of -2, Sarah Schrader shares her passion for polo with others, introducing them to the sport. Within the park’s Polo Academy, international professionals offer courses catering to all skill levels.

Text Sabine von der Decken
Photography Mark Intelmann & Rene Sivert


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