For sale: The Ainsley Polo saddle: designed for the half seat!

Location: Performance Polo is based in Europe but ships worldwide by DHL
From EUR 1,736, incl. EU VAT (from EUR 1,459, excl. EU VAT)

The Ainsley Polo saddle has been created by one of the world’s leading polo horsemen, Ross Ainsley, breeder of New Zealand thoroughbred polo ponies and a five goal player.

Ross has designed the saddle to be both comfortable when seated, but more importantly, to facilitate getting into and maintain the half seat for both low and high goal players.

The Ainsley Polo saddle is made from durable rough-out leather, and provides more grip and comfort than most other polo saddles.

Pro players count Nina Clarkin, JP Clarkin, Tom Morley, Glen Gilmore, and Chris Kiesel.

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