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Richard Mille Captures Title in World Polo League Triple Crown of Polo

By: Rebecca Baldridge
Photos by: ChukkerTV 

WELLINGTON, FL, April 19, 2021— Richard Mille defeated Tamera by 11-10 on Saturday to capture the title in the World Polo League Triple Crown of Polo.

Richard Mille (Marc Ganzi, Jeta Castagnola, Pablo MacDonough and Paco de Narvaez) took to the field against Tamera (Ale Poma, Santi Torres, Diego Cavanaugh, and Jejo Taranco) on Saturday to vie for the title in the WPL Triple Crown of Polo. Richard Mille, a 26-goal team, ceded one goal on handicap to 25-goal Tamera.

Jeta Castagnola takes a shot in front of Jejo Taranco, Paca de Narvaez and Santi Torres.

Richard Mille got off to a slow start in the first chukker, and Diego Cavanaugh scored the first goal for Tamera less than 40 seconds into play. With 3:30 on the clock Jejo Taranco made an 80-yard shot to put the ball through posts, taking Tamera up to three goals on the board. Following a right of way violation by Tamera, Jeta Castagnola converted a Penalty 3 to end the period 3-1 with Tamera in the lead.

Jeta Castagnola hooks Santi Torres.

Less than a minute into the second chukker, Pablo MacDonough made a successful shot on goal. At 4:41 Jejo Taranco broke through Richard Mille’s defense and ran through a thicket of black shirts to take the ball through the posts. With 45 seconds remaining, Castagnola scored to end the second chukker 4-3 with Tamera still in the lead.

Pablo MacDonough moves in to hook Jejo Taranco.

Taranco converted a Penalty 5 from the spot early in the third chukker to put Tamera ahead by 5-3, but back- to-back goals from Castagnola tied the score at 5-all. Tamera got a lucky break when Santi Torres scored two goals within a minute, including an impressive neck shot from the corner, and the half ended with Tamera leading 7-5.

Pablo MacDonough accepts the MVP award.

Tamera found themselves cut off from the goal in the fourth period by a strong Richard Mille defense, while a right of way violation gave Castagnola the opportunity to convert a Penalty 3. With 2:09 on the clock, Marc Ganzi connected with a pass from Castagnola inside the 40-yard line and took the ball from the near side to the offside to score and end the chukker in a 7-7 tie.

Marc Ganzi with American Polo Horse Association Best Playing Pony Molapata Tinta.

Less than a minute into the fifth chukker, Pablo MacDonough made a neat pass to Jeta Castagnola, who snapped it through the uprights to score. At 4:36, Taranco carried the ball downfield to score, tying the match up again at 8-all. Following a Penalty 3 conversion by Pablo MacDonough, Taranco scored with 50 seconds on the clock to end the fifth chukker in a 9-all tie.

Pablo MacDonough with Argentine Breeders’ Association Best Playing Pony Irenita Suspicasia.

As the final chukker began, Tamera lost an umpire challenge and Castagnola was able to convert a Penalty 2, which he followed up with another goal from the field to take Richard Mille up to 11. Tamera was able to convert one more penalty but couldn’t find an opportunity to score again. Richard Mille carried the day at 11-9, winning their third title of the season.

Pablo MacDonough and World Polo League Best Playing Pony Irenita Subaru

Pablo MacDonough was named the Most Valuable Player. The American Polo Horse Best Playing Pony was Molapata Tinta, ridden by Marc Ganzi. Irenita Suspicasia, ridden by Pablo MacDonough, was named the Argentine Polo Horse Breeder’s Association, while Irenita Subara, also ridden by Pablo MacDonough, took the WPL Best Playing Pony title.



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