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The Balance launches the world‘s first offshore RehabClinic program on Superyachts.

Each one of us has at some time in our lives felt the healing power of the ocean. The vast expanse of the sea has a calming effect on our minds, providing a respite from our hectic lives. The power of water and the sea is profound and humbling, its effects are not merely sensory but scientific, with studies reporting that negative ions produced by the churning ocean waves have a revitalizing and calming impact on depression, addiction and overall mental health.

Such is the healing prowess of the ocean that it has inspired the future of luxury healthcare. The advent of experiential yacht-based treatment programs combining cutting-edge medical technology with the science-backed therapeutic properties of the sea marks a significant shift in the approach to mental health wellness and addiction treatment. 

Known as the World’s premier luxury rehab centre and mental health clinic, The Balance has already gained a reputation for excellence. Providing leading rehabilitative and mental health services in dedicated centres in Mallorca, London, and Zurich with affiliations in New York. Now to meet the needs of its strictly confidential clientele, the facility is now ready to launch something new – superyacht-based clinic for the ultimate in privacy and luxury.  

Offering top-rated recovery treatment programmes to support a wide range of emotional, physical, and psychological issues, The Balance off-shore rehab programmes include a comprehensive medical check-up – including external health assessments – and the creation of a tailored unlimited treatment plan, which can include one-client only exclusive hospitality. The Balance approach treatments will be configured to tackle the root causes of individual health concerns and will feature a holistic approach to any problems. Including biochemical restoration, 24/7 access to a live-in personal manager, a personal chef and diet plan, and the latest technology-based therapies.  

As a luxury rehabilitation centre, The Balance is known for specialising in the treatment of substance abuse and behavioural dependencies, but it also offers far-reaching support for mental health conditions, eating disorders, trauma and complex PTSD, dual diagnosis, and other mental health and psychiatric conditions, including ADHD and OCD. Family and couples therapy is also available, and an entourage can be accommodated.  

These unique offshore programs provided by The Balance Luxury RehabClinic, blur the line between luxury travel and healthcare. They transform the traditional concept of rehabilitation, creating a tranquil space aboard a yacht to provide an unparalleled environment for recovery. As Dr. Sarah Boss, Clinical Director at The Balance, explains, “A holistic approach is critical in recovery as it acknowledges the complexity of human beings. We are not just physical bodies; our mental, emotional, and spiritual states play a crucial role in our overall health.”

Embracing the idyllic and serene environment of the sea, these programs provide a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. While traditional healthcare approaches have yielded results, this innovative blend of luxury, experiential therapy, and scientific research adds a new dimension to the recovery process in both their rehabilitation and medical
retreat programs. 

Maria Alekseenko Magan, founder of The Experiential Yachting Forum, a platform advocating the future of human potential onboard superyachts, affirms, “Traditional methodologies for approaching mental and physical health are in the process of evolving.”

This evolution of healthcare, where the ‘water world’ plays an integral part in the treatment process, represents a shift into an era of the Experience Economy. “We are entering a new era where the sea, the floating facilities, and the activities conducted on it can play a much more important role in a holistic approach to healthcare,” Magan continues. Here, the ocean becomes an immersive element of recovery, demonstrating the transformative power of experiential healthcare.

As we look ahead, this fusion of luxury, science, and nature illustrates the evolving face of top-end healthcare. With The Balance leading the way, the future of recovery and rehabilitation could indeed be at sea, capitalizing on the healing power of the ocean and advanced technology. This revolution not only provides transformative experiences to those on the journey to recovery but also creates a paradigm shift in how we perceive and approach healthcare.

“This evolution marks a transformative moment in top-end healthcare, revolutionizing the way we view recovery. Within these innovative experiential yacht-based recovery programs, the importance of a personalized approach cannot be overstated. As every individual has unique needs, past experiences, and challenges, treatment should be tailored accordingly. This emphasis on individuality is a key feature of these programs.” says Abdullah Boulad, founder and CEO of The Balance. 

Moreover, these yacht-based programs prioritize privacy and discretion, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without fear of public scrutiny or stigma. This discreteness, coupled with luxurious accommodations and amenities, ensures that every aspect of the individual’s journey is as comfortable
as possible. Boulad continues.

It is a bright dawn for these experiential yacht-based recovery programs, underscoring the growing recognition of the interplay between physical surroundings and mental health. The merging of luxury, technology, and the therapeutic properties of the sea provides a template for the future of top-end healthcare.

Text Linda Myburgh and Zak Williamson
Photography Sarah Savage


THE BALANCE is a luxury retreat in Mallorca specialising in exclusive and discreet rehab care. The founder and managing director of THE BALANCE is the Swiss entrepreneur Abdullah Boulad (43).

With a multidisciplinary team of around 30 doctors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, case managers and a whole range of complementary therapists, he has created one of the most renowned therapy facilities for addiction problems, mental illness and health issues in the world. Here he offers his clients individually tailored cures in luxurious surroundings.

The offer comprises the three pillars of addiction therapy (alcohol, drugs, medication, sex etc.), mental illness (anxiety disorders, burnout, depression, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder) and health treatment (stress, anti-aging, chronic pain, sleep disorders etc.).

A focus of THE BALANCE’s evidence-based medical concept is also on the use of the latest scientific and technology-based therapy approaches, such as neuro- and biofeedback systems or transcranial direct current stimulation, for which the company permanently invests large sums in new technologies and medical equipment.

The medical director is Dr. Sarah Boss. THE BALANCE is exclusively for private patients.

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