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The Kusnacht Practice

The Kusnacht Practice is the world’s most luxurious Rehab & Treatment Centre and a high-quality centre for mental health and addiction treatment.

Teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and l’esprit de corps: these are among the values that animate the sport of kings, and both players and spectators of polo well understand the game’s finer qualities. They are also values shared by The Kusnacht Practice, an institution located not so far from Zurich’s Polo Park & Country Club which, for some years now, has been providing best-in-class care and rehabilitation services to a discerning clientele.

Since its founding The Kusnacht Practice has rightly won a reputation as the world’s most luxurious rehabilitation clinic, assisting high net worth individuals to overcome the challenges of mental ill-health and addiction with the expertise and discretion for which Swiss care has long been renowned. And it’s perhaps no coincidence that The Kusnacht Practice’s CEO, Eduardo Greghi, is himself a dedicated and talented polo player.

“Nothing can be more luxurious than expert care today,” says Mr Greghi, “and no other clinic offers treatment and rehabilitation services to a standard higher than The Kusnacht Practice. Our psychiatric and medical teams comprise the world’s best-trained clinicians, and we provide best-fit care.”

Nor is the Practice’s location a coincidence: Zürich enjoys a storied past as the crucible of psychiatric expertise, with Carl Jung and Eugen Bleuler among the eminent figures to have practiced in the city. There is tradition but at The Kusnacht Practice there is also innovation, and most importantly of all there is quality, discretion, privacy and luxury.

“From the first contact we are highly responsive and attentive to clients, our clinicians listen empathically to learn about a person’s needs, and – very importantly – we give them hope,” Mr Greghi adds. “We treat the underlying causes of symptoms so that clients are healed to their essence, and we provide them with tools and skills to lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives.”

Clients arriving at the Practice are ushered from the airport to their own private residence, each benefitting from a live-in counsellor who is available 24/7 to assist the client with arising issues, plus an in-house chef who devises and implements a diet plan. These are among the building blocks of a treatment plan which through the Practice’s clinical teams – today counting 60 full-time staff with a further roster of 100 therapists – is tailor-made for each client in every case. Care plans fit the client’s needs as would a bespoke suit or ballgown, both for the duration of the client’s stay (typically six weeks but often longer) and beyond.

As polo competitors know, sport can be extremely demanding on the mind, body and soul, and recovery is an absolutely vital partner to play. The same applies in the game of life itself: each of us know just how demanding modern life can be, and the stresses it can place on individuals. That’s also why the Kusnacht Practice excels in providing both psychiatric care – for issues including substance and behavioural addictions, mental illnesses including schizophrenia, borderline personality, bipolar, obsessive-compulsive and eating disorders – along with medical care. Instant access to the best of Switzerland’s clinical facilities is available under the leadership of medical director Dr Konrad Hitz in collaboration with the Practice’s partner Double Check medical partner.

“Our clients are all too familiar with demanding much of themselves to achieve their goals,” says Dr Hitz. “Creativity and self-belief are no strangers to them: they are resourceful and resilient individuals, typically high achievers who have had to face challenges without the sufficient inherent resources to cope. When a downward spiral ensues, we step in.”

And then there’s the innovation we learned of above. Clients at The Kusnacht Practice soon come to feel better in Switzerland’s rarefied air, enjoying beautiful views from their private residences overlooking Lake Zürich, with up to eight therapeutic sessions per day – conducted, naturally, in private – providing for their needs. Alongside the fundamental therapeutic processes of psychiatric monitoring, psychological and psychotherapeutic support, medical management and physical wellbeing the clinic applies an impressive range of complementary therapies. These include including hypnotherapy, rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation), neurofeedback, EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), somatic experiencing and Satori Chair plus yoga, reflexology, meditation, reflexology, acupuncture, massage and many more.

But recognising the truism that we are what we eat, a decisive pillar of The Kusnacht Practice’s approach is the use of Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R) treatment, led by Nutritional Director Dr Antoinette Sarasin and delivered to clients every day by their personal chef. This highly individualised medical approach corrects imbalances and stress factors in body and brain biochemistry, providing a one-of-a-kind formulation which is as unique as a client’s fingerprint. Biomolecular restoration strengthens physical and emotional wellbeing and energy, promotes successful weight management, sleep, rejuvenation, anti-ageing and immune system support, and restores crucial micronutrients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids.

“This approach allows us to detect the true root of health problems and symptoms, and provides personalised tools and solutions for a significant gain in sustainable health, vitality and happiness,” says Dr Sarasin.

Not unlike a wise sport manager, the Practice’s team of clinicians and therapists work together to take a long view of a client’s health – spotting the inner rhythms and invisible tensions and devising strategies for wellness that lead the client to the ultimate goal of returning to a happy and healthy life. As sport can sometimes achieve the heights of art, so The Kusnacht Practice turns rehabilitation and wellbeing into the finest of crafts – perhaps as close as medicine itself can come to art.

“We provide what is necessary to treat the entire person in the most personal way possible, and we have been polishing this approach for 10 years, continually bringing in the best professionals, and our success rates are exemplary,” Mr Greghi notes.

Recovery begins when clients arrive in Kusnacht but it doesn’t end there. Research has demonstrated that the longer an individual can commit to residential treatment, the greater the likelihood that they will experience sustained recovery; of equal importance is the onward journey and that’s why families and loved ones are encouraged to visit the Practice to learn strategies for maintaining the client’s ongoing health.

“Recovery is a long-term process and main predictors of success are a client’s engagement during their stay, and ongoing support from family and loved ones as well as our clinicians after they depart,” says Mr Greghi. “We strongly encourage family and loved ones to visit us, and we equip them with the skills to support the client as they progress through the stresses that life can bring.”

A testament to the quality of The Kusnacht Practice’s care is that clients often leave deeply changed: healed in body, mind and soul and enabled to lead their recovery with the tools they need to ensure a healthy, content and productive lifestyle. They depart freed from harmful behaviours, reliance upon medical pharmaceuticals and with balance restored to their biochemistry, neurochemistry and self-perception, empowered to lead a full and happy life.

“As practitioners as well as people we are altruistic first and foremost,” concludes Mr Greghi. “No matter how hopeless a situation looks or feels to an individual, we can help. In fact, where everyone else gives up is where we start.”

The results of its exceptional work demonstrate why The Kusnacht Practice is regarded as one of the most successful treatment centres in the world: the ultimate in care and treatment in one destination.

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The Kusnacht Practice in Zollikon.

Beautiful views from the residences overlooking Lake Zürich – first-class care and Swiss excellence.

Eduardo Greghi, CEO.
Left: World-class treatment facilities.
Right: T
he Practice’s Medical Director Dr med. Konrad Hitz.
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