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Axus number one in the Thai Polo 10-Goal League

Team 22BR wins the Stephan’s Chimfunshi Cup 2018 at the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club in Pattaya. This special tournament is dedicated to the Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage, a chimpanzee sanctuary located in Zambia.

4 teams up to 10 goals took part in the event which was likewise the last tournament of the Thai Polo 10-Goal League. Team Axus finally emerges as the big winner of the League, having gathered more points on the score board than any other team in the League this year.

In a very even and competitive final of the Chimfunshi Cup, 22BR and The Next Level (TNL) were neck and neck after the fourth chukka. In the fifth chukka it was The Next Level who missed a 60 yarder and left the victory for 22BR.

Ranking Chimfunshi Cup 2018:

1. 22BR: Claude Haberer 0, Germán Suárez 1, Adrien Le Gallo 4, Pedro Fernández Llorente 5.
2. The Next Level (TNL): Aron Harilela 1, Michael Taylor 3, Damián Marco 3, Santiago Luján 3. Axus: Brian Xu 0, Brian Orozco 1, Diego Gómez 3, Darío Musso 6.
4. Thai Polo: Stefanie Schmalz 0, Juan Pedro Girou 3, Juan Martín Gallego 2, Carlos Pando 5.

MVP: Michael Taylor (TNL)
BPP: Juana owned by Harald Link

Interview with Aron Harilela (HongKong), Teamcaptain of “The Next Level” (TNL)


About the CHIMFUNSHI project in Zambia:
In 1988, the Hamburg entrepreneur Stephan Louis discovered the Siddles orphanage. Since then has been committed to Chimfunshi by setting up the Chimfunshi Association for the Protection of Threatened Environments and financing a large number of donors. Thanks to the financial support from Germany, the rescue center grew rapidly: open-air enclosures and feeding buildings were created and vehicles, equipment and machinery purchased. In addition, drilled holes and wells were built to ensure clean drinking water supply to Chimfunshi. Polo player and horseman Stephan Louis, woh has played many times at theThai Poo Club died on July 25, 2011 at the age of 57, unexpectedly and too early. He has saved many chimpanzees with his vision and commitment. Furthermore he gave more than hundreds of people in Zambia the possibility to earn a living. Stephan Louis’ brother Sebastian has been the chairman of Chimfunshi e.V. since 2012, continuing this project with just such commitment and in the spirit of his brother. He has since continued and realized many projects.


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