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Deauville: The can’t miss polo event of the summer

Deauville is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic tournaments of the world polo circuit. The club, founded in 1907, birthed the Gold Cup in 1950, and since then the greatest polo players on the planet have met in Normandy to try and capture the prestigious title and add it to their list of accolades.

This year will not divert tradition. Already having won this Gold Cup in 2017 with Cibao La Pampa, the 8-goaler Argentine Francisco Elizalde returns with Talandracas after a tantalizing English season with Alejandro Muzzio (h7). While the first, semi-finalist of the 2018 Argentinian Open having already qualified for the 2019 edition, the second will attempt to qualify with the Pilara team, as this tournament is a dream for all the world’s best athletes.This Deauville Gold Cup is in the sights of Elizalde and Muzzio, which would be the sixth for Talandracas and Édouard Carmignac.

The competition is strong, with the winner of the 2015 edition, Barrière (Marquard Media), returning in force with Martin Aguerre, winner of the Copa Camara 2018. Chasing this year for a qualification for the Argentinian Open alongside his uncle Mariano, a 12 time winner of this legendary competition, there is nothing better to gain the necessary confidence like a victory in the Deauville Gold Cup.

Spanish captain Alejandro Aznar returns to Deauville presenting an illustrious lineup which includes Marques de Riscal, with the mainstay of the Argentine 7-goaler and Santiago Cernadas, a former finalist of the Copa Camara and recently semi-finalist of the US Gold Cup in Palm Beach.

The fourth team, Mungo, features dynamic duo Brieuc Rigaux of France and Juan Jose Storni of Argentina, (h6 and h5 respectively). Storni, also known as “Tete”, is a talented player whose foundation was built in pato (the original version of horse-ball) which in Argentina is almost as popular as polo. Tete is one of the best players in his country and is a spectacular rider to follow on the polo field.

But it’s not just the Gold Cup in Deauville. The tournament will begin August 7th with the popular Ladies Cup. Unfortunately, Lia Salvo will not be able to defend her title this year after the withdrawal of her team after an injury sustained by the captain, but her teammate of the Argentina Women’s Open, Clara Cassino, will certainly step up as headliner on the team with Françoise Okala and Caroline Anier, a finalist of last year. It’s four teams representing five different nations competing in this exciting event.

In the Bronze Cup (8 goals), there are five teams with professionals from France, such as Patrick Paillol (h 5), Argentina, with brothers Ramiro and Simon Zavaleta (h 4) and Germany, including Naomi Schröder who will be in Deauville for the first time. La Concepcionafter a brilliant start to the season, will put its title in play after recording victories in the Paris region.

Deauville is also a more laid back environment, games on the beach, children pony match, “country lifestyle” at the edge of the arena (free entrance on weekdays), and a festive atmosphere over the 18 days of this one of a kind tournament. Not to be missed, it is the polo event of the summer.

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