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Dundas Defeats Dundas II to Capture Title in Limited Edition 12-Goal

By: Rebecca Baldridge
Photos by: ChukkerTV

WELLINGTON, FL, February 15, 2021— Dundas defeated Dundas II by 11-9 on Sunday to capture the Limited Edition 12-Goal title.

Dundas (Sarah Magness, Hugo Taylor, Mariano Fassetta, and Robertito Zedda) faced off against Dundas II (Cable Magness, Juan Cruz Marcos, Geronimo Obregon, and Juan Martin Obregon) at Jan Pamela Farm yesterday in the Limited Edition 12-Goal final.

The road to the championship was slightly more complicated this year as La Portola, Dundas, and Dundas II were tied after the semifinal with two wins and one loss each. Following a shoot out, Dundas II and La Portola were set to meet on Sunday, but due to scheduling difficulties La Portola was forced to forfeit and cede their place to Dundas. With a team handicap of 12 compared to 13 for Dundas II, Dundas started the match with one goal on the board.

Play was open and fast from the beginning of the first chukker, with both teams playing above their handicaps. After two and a half minutes of solid running, Sarah Magness of Dundas converted a Penalty 2 for the first goal of the day. Juan Martin Obregon knocked in the first goal from the field for Dundas II, while Sarah followed up with another successful penalty shot to end the chukker with Dundas in the lead at 3-1.

Juan Martin Obregon took the ball to goal at the very beginning of the second chukker, and at the bowl-in Geronimo took control of the ball and, five lengths ahead of his nearest pursuer, made an easy hit between the posts. Juan Cruz Marcos put Dundas II into the lead after taking the ball to the goal on the near side. Sarah Magness tied it up with a Penalty 2 conversion, and Hugo Taylor tapped in a loose ball to put Dundas back in the lead by 1. Dundas was frustrated in the third chukker and couldn’t get on the board, while Geronimo Obregon scored to end the half with both teams tied at 5.

Dundas was awarded a goal on penalty at the beginning of the fourth chukker, and Sarah Magness followed up with another successful penalty shot, her fourth of the day. Hugo Taylor scored from the field, putting Dundas ahead 8-5. Juan Martin Obregon converted on a Penalty 4 with an impressively lofted shot to cut the lead to two goals.

With 5:15 left to play, Hugo Taylor picked up the loose ball and carried it through the posts to put Dundas in the lead 9-6. Another penalty conversion by Juan Martin Obregon and a big goal from Geronimo drew Dundas II into stricking distance with the chukker ending 9-8. Juan Martin Obregon tied the game at 9-9 early in the sixth chukker but the Dundas II defense wasn’t able to keep Dundas from scoring. Goals by Mariano Fassetta and Hugo Taylor sealed an 11-9 win for Dundas.

Robertito Zedda, controlling the game from the number four position, was the Most Valuable Player while Dolfina Secuaz, owned by J5 Equestrian and played by Zedda in the fifth chukker, was the Best Playing Pony.

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