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Ferenc Flamm: Equine Fine Art

© Ferenc Flamm

Ferenc´s passion is horses and to paint horses. He works throughout the international field, often on commissions. His objects are polo, harness racing and dressage.

Ferenc Flamm grew up in Budapest and from an early age fell in love with the horses that are so much a part of the Hungarian noble traditions. His interest continued to mature during his education at The Fine Art College of Budapest and The Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts where he closely studied the horse’s anatomy, muscular structure and movement. He often visited the Hungarian countryside and the classical horse breeding farms so he could study his favourite objects in their genuine and natural habitat.

In 1976 Ferenc moved to Sweden, married and formed a family, while at the same time finding his feet as a graphic designer and artist. Over the past ten years he has returned increasingly to his artistic roots; painting portraits and accomplishing his own art projects. His work has been displayed at art galleries on Broadway, in Soho and in the City Hall, New York, at the U.S. Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida, at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas and on Long Island. He also participated with his paintings in the Annual Exhibitions of The Society of Equestrian Artists at the Mall Galleries in London.

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