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Grand Champions Polo Club Limited Edition 12 Goal Schedule And Team Rosters

Limited Edition 12 Goal
2021 Rosters

La Portola: (12)
Mark Urdahl
Ciro Desenzano 2
Carlitos Gracida 4
Michel Dorignac 6

Casablanca: (12)
Grant Ganzi 3
Torito Ruiz 7
Dillon Bacon 2

Dundas: (12)
Sarah Siegel-Magness
Robertito Zedda 4
Mariano Fassetta 4
Oscar Taylor 4

Dundas II: (11)
Cable Magness
Geronimo Obregon 5
Juan Cruz Marcos 2
Juan Martin Obregon 5



Limited Edition 12 Goal
Live Stream Schedule

Tuesday 2/2
3:30pm Dundas vs Casablanca

Thursday 2/4
10am La Portola vs Dundas II

Sunday 2/7
11am Casablanca vs Dundas II

Tuesday 2/9
1pm Dundas vs La Portola

Thursday 2/11
10am Dundas vs Dundas II
1pm La Portola vs Casablanca

Sunday 2/14
3pm Limited Edition 12 Goal Final

Games live streamed in Eastern Standard Time on



Winter 2021 COVID-19 POLICY: The GCPC property, facilities, and events are only accessible to polo players, their immediate families, and necessary staff. This policy will remain in effect until further notice.

The GCPC family is immensely grateful and humbled by the excitement and support shown by locals and new guests over the years. We wish we could welcome everyone to the sidelines to cheer our players on; however, in order to remain in operation amidst a global pandemic, we regret to inform you that Grand Champions Polo Club events and facilities are currently closed to the public. Ultimately, our goal as a Club is to keep polo going, but our goal as a community first and foremost is to keep everyone safe and healthy. 


There is nothing we would love more than to have more spectators on the sidelines and to greet new and friendly faces to the Club. Unfortunately, we cannot operate as normal and have temporarily minimized the Club’s capacity in an effort to prioritize the health and safety of our community.


MORE UPDATES TO COME SOON: For potential GCPC policy changes, we encourage our fans to continue to check our Instagram and website for more updates to come. 


In the meantime, we thank you for your cooperation in this team effort to ensure we can keep playing polo, as well as keep playing our part in the community to minimize risk and prevent the spread of COVID-19.


We appreciate your loyalty and understanding and hope to see you back on the sidelines soon!

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