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Jaipur Riding and Polo Club (JPRC) revives polo tradition

Jaipur Riding and Polo Club (JPRC) reinvokes the tradition of Polo at its full sized green ground, marked by two tournaments beginning in January 2021. 

For polo enthusiasts it was a welcome thrill to watch the matches after a rather long and sombre period imposed by covid.  The club house too resumes full-fledged operations.

JRPC is creating opportunities for players in its home city Jaipur that has a long and regal association with the sport.  It’s an affirmation of its dedication to fostering talents in Polo. Budding as well as seasoned players from Jaipur, India and overseas can learn, practice and play Polo at JRPC. The Polo packages include stick and ball, chukers, tour of the horse lines, sessions on horse management, working and feeding of the polo ponies.  JRPC also helps players form teams and participate in tournaments. JRPC’s polo ponies are some of the best in the world, trained and kept fit with regular visits from professional  Argentine trainers. Visiting players can rent their polo ponies too.  JRPC’s own polo teams have been running under both Garcha hotels and Jaipur Polo Club for many years in England, Spain and Argentina.

Spearheaded by Col K S Garcha and the entire Garcha clan, JRPC is widening its scope of engagement and involvement with the sport and its fraternity, to foster the continuity of the game, and the community that has such a symbiotic relationship with Polo.  JRPC’s pioneering step in this direction is the introduction of an inclusive paradigm that connects riders, horses, spectators and community to take the engagement with Polo beyond the confines of tournaments and polo seasons which lasts for a few best months a year,  into the very fabric of their lives.

JRPC is ushering in a new wellness dimension that extends farther than the familiar fine horsemanship and sporting spirit. JRPC in partnership with Wellness Lifestyle by Christina Watson has launched Equine connect. It turns to our loyal and intelligent companions and real superstars – the horses, and their ability to influence human wellbeing. Wellness Lifestyle is a multidimensional wellness brand and company, with an impressive panel of holistic health and wellness experts from various disciplines, across the globe.  Christina Watson, a much respected and seasoned wellness professional, has personally crafted an intuitive protocol, emerging from her own first-hand experience, in re-discovering the therapeutic potential of human-horse connect on the ground. With this unique element woven into its special wellness stays, JRPC ushers in a way back to a refreshing club style living, claw back to nature and to healing horses.  

Accentuated by the pandemic and its devastating impact, JRPC recognises the relevance of personal health care. JRPC’s collaboration with Wellness Lifestyle facilitates proactive care amongst the players and community. JRPC gives access to polo players, friends, community and guests for wellbeing stays at the club, to help take care of their health with personalised consultations and treatments from holistic health experts, special clinics and interventions  for faster recovery, healing from injuries, and improving sporting performance

JRPC’S clubhouse has spacious and tastefully appointed rooms to stay.  They overlook the polo ground or the lawn and stables beyond. JRPC is conducive for long stays and for remote working with a chance to enhance health. Those seeking short or long breaks from the chaos and cacophony of cities appreciate the outdoors, chirping birds and neighing horses, colourful dawns and dusks, comfortable living spaces and a relaxed club life. Freshly cooked wholesome and delicious Rajasthani local fare or a choice of international gourmet cuisine, nutritiously balanced, is served by JRPC’s culinary associates.

Though situated just on the outskirts of Jaipur less than 10 miles from the city center, it feels like a world far away, of its own, and a charming one for that! For those who like to explore, there are excursions to  Sirsi village, Amber village, Jaipur city, a jungle safari and several other options for those who stay longer. JRPC also hosts dinners and social events for discerning small groups with local cultural performances and corporate offsites.

JRPC has installed sustainable water management system, with rain water harvesting and use of gray water.  It has re-emerged from a hiatus of nearly seven years due to water issues in the arid region of Rajasthan.

JRPC is launching the new format of wellbeing stays in April, but already hosting pre-launch stays and taking bookings. JPRC’s annual calendar will be published soon.



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