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Lewis Jewelers Classic

Lewis Jewelers sponsored a beautiful Sunday afternoon 10 Goal game on the historic Farish Field at the Houston Polo Club. BTA 1/Tonkawa faced off against Horsegate 2/Kanthaka in what was a fun and exciting game to watch!

Horsegate 2/Kanthaka‘s Philipp Kampshoff broke the ice, converting an open goal penalty 2. However BTA 1/Tonkawa, already starting with one goal on the scoreboard due to handicap, was quick to respond with a great display of teamwork with a long pass from Nacho Badiola to Steve Krueger as Krueger received the pass on the nearside, scoring his team‘s first goal of the day. Horsegate 2/Kanthaka‘s big guns, Guille Usandizaga and Toto Collardin, kept their team on top with one goal a piece, ending the first chukker 3 to 2 in their team‘s favor.

The teams went goal for goal in the second and third chukkers. BTA 1/Tonkawa was up by one goal  with only minutes left in the third chukker, when Horsegate 2/Kanthaka‘s Kampshoff found his sixth gear, carrying the ball from beyond the midfield mark running by the defense and tying the score for halftime!

BTA 1/Tonkawa‘s Nacho Badiola flies down the field going to goal

As the teams took a break from the excitement, Bill Fick Ford Trucks and Land Rover Houston North‘s Defender‘s drove onto the field to be on display while the crowd helped stomp divots and enjoyed the afternoon.

Soon the teams were ready for the second half. BTA 1/Tonkawa‘s Krueger and Badiola seemed to find their stride as they scored five goals between themselves to push their lead up to 12 in the sixth chukker. Horsegate 2/Kanthaka‘s Usandizaga scored one from the field, but it was the young Lance Stefanakis that kept his team in the game by converting two open goal penalty shots. Unfortunately for Horsegate 2/Kanthaka, time ran out before they were able to chip away more at the lead, as BTA1/Tonkawa took home the win 12-10.

Winning team: BTA 1/ Tonkawa
Joe Ftizsimons, Nacho Badiola, Steve Krueger, Kelly Beal
pictured with Cindy and Slade Lewis from Lewis Jewelers

MVP: Steve Krueger
pictured with Cindy and Slade Lewis from Lewis Jewelers

BPP: Tabita, played by Guille Usandizaga,
pictured with groom Augusto Easarret and Slade Lewis from Lewis Jewelers

Photos by Houston Polo Club

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