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Marcus Schalldach, President of the Brazilian Polo Association South

Marcus Schalldach, Brazilian by birth with German roots, has been President of the Brazilian Polo Association South since spring 2019. We met him for an interview in Ascona, where he (also) almost won.

Marcus Schalldach, Brazilian by birth with German roots, has been President of the Brazilian Polo Association South since spring 2019. The great polo country is divided into four associations and is home to a total of 500 active players. Helvetia Polo Club is the epicentre and host of most and most important tournaments. This is also where Schalldach came to polo when he moved into his new home on the grounds of the Helvetia Polo Club with his family around 13 years ago. “Until then, I have had no contact whatsoever with polo. It was not until Helvetia that I became aware of the horses and the fascination of polo – and started playing polo.” Since then, the businessman with a handicap of +1 is not only a very active but also a very successful player. At the Ascona Polo Cup 2019, which he had already won in 2015, he was satisfied with second place this year only under the strongest resistance and was also awarded the title “Most Valuable Player” of the tournament.

Schalldach has also started in Croatia and Mongolia, but he mostly plays in his home country Brazil. His greatest success dates back to 2008, when he won an 18-goal tournament in Brazil with a handicap of -1. Two years ago, Schalldach and his son were also at the top of the podium at the 8-Goal Brazilian Polo Championship 8-Goal. As the new president of the Brazilian Polo Association South, the creative entrepreneur has set himself a special project. “Of course, it’s always about getting new players and fans, expanding the catchment area of our sport. Here in the south, we have a very large scene of gauchos and Crioulos breeders who are primarily active in livestock breeding. To inspire this clientele for polo would be my idea. After all, all resources such as riders, horses and playgrounds are already sufficiently available. During the great championship of the Cavallo Crioulos breeders at the end of August next year it could already be time. With a big arena polo event Schalldach wants to draw the attention and enthusiasm of the gauchos and breeders to polo.

At home on the Estancia Felicidade, which has been finished 4 years ago, he and his team have a polo arena and two polo pitches at their disposal. Here he will play in the second half of the season from the end of September, when the Helvetia Polo Club will be quiet. The best conditions for successful arena polo projects in the future.

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