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Polo Nations Cup goes from strength to strength (13 to 23 June)

Belgium is back in the limelight at Chantilly with captain Augustin Emsems (blue helmet). © Pascal Renauldon - R&B Presse

Launched in 2023 at the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly under the auspices of the French Polo Federation (FFP), the Polo Nations Cup has immediately established itself as the most important early season event on the French international calendar and welcomed three new countries this year: Pakistan, the ancestral home of polo; Belgium, which is making a comeback on the world polo scene; and Italy, one of Europe‘s leading nations.

Ten teams from three continents and six nations: the Polo Nations Cup has taken off. Among the values of the Polo Club du Domaine de Chantilly, founded in 1995 by Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, that of friendship between peoples, to which it is attached, is given full expression by this innovative competition.

Over ten days, teams from the United States, Pakistan, Germany, Italy, Belgium and France will compete for this prestigious trophy. The teams will also include some of Argentina‘s top professionals, with famous names such as Tito Ruiz Guiñazu, a regular at the Argentine Open, Simon and Ramiro Zavaleta and Valentin Novillo Astrada, who come from great Argentine families and dynasties that have written the history of the sport.

Playing for South-East France, the PACA team, title holders and 100% French, is made up of three young players, Dorian Bulteau, Louis Jarrige and Julien Reynes, thanks to the loyal commitment of their captain, Jean-Claude Legrand. Other young French professionals will also be taking part, including the talented Elouan Badarello (aged 19), playing for the Americans from Illinois, and Jules Legoubin (Occitanie), who is making great strides this year. And let‘s not forget Elena Venot, a professional female player who holds a key role in mixed teams such as Pakistan, a country she played in last year and a team she is part of in this Polo Nations Cup. Some of these young talents will represent France in the commemorative match of the 1924 Paris Olympic Games against the United States next August.

Kick-off on 13 June with :

France (Rhône-Alpes) – Pakistan, followed by Italy – Germany (Hamburg).

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