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The 2021 POLO RIDER CUP draw ceremony was held yesterday at the Polo Club of Chantilly through a Zoom Conference with the participating teams discovering their opponents under the supervision of Alex Taylor from the Federation of International Polo (FIP) and Philippe Perrier from the French Federation of Polo (FFP).

12 clubs from 8 different countries will play the POLO RIDER CUP which will be held from the 10 to the 20 June at the Polo Club of Chantilly, north of Paris.

The teams were divided into two groups and four zone of three teams each.

Gonzalo Quesada, Ambassador of the POLO RIDER CUP, had the mission for making the draw and the results are as follows:

Group 1 – Zone A
Hong Kong Polo Ass. 
Chantilly Polo Club
Moscow Polo Club

Group 1 – Zone B
Hamburger Polo Club
Polo Club Düsseldorf 
Polo Park Zürich

Group 2 – Zone C
Deauville Intern. Polo Club
La Aguada Polo Club
Dos Lunas Polo Club

Group 2 – Zone D

Empire Polo Club Coachella
Las Brisas Polo Club Chicago
Evviva Polo St Moritz


For the qualification phase to the semi-finals, for GROUP 1 all teams from ZONE A meet teams from ZONE B and for GROUP 2 all teams from ZONE C meet teams from ZONE D.

The POLO RIDER CUP will be played on handicap by teams with handicaps between 10 and 12 goals.

Gonzalo Quesada, Ambassador of the POLO RIDER CUP, comments: “I’m very happy to see an Argentinian team joining the POLO RIDER CUP with La Aguada Polo Club, knowing the Novillo Astrada family, and I’m impress and please by the number of countries and clubs who participating to this first edition. If I need to pick up a final winner it will be not an easy choice as I have a lot of friends in Chantilly, La Aguada and Deauville, but my heart’s choice would be for Chantilly Polo Club.”

Benoît Perrier, CEO & Co-Founder of GAME Polo, comments: “The draw of the POLO RIDER CUP offer us fantastic and intense games to watch, and the groups are well balanced. It’s difficult to give you a prognostic as these qualifications will be highly disputed. Thank you to all the clubs and teams for their full commitment. I wish you a fantastic tournament.”

For more information, please contact GAME Polo at:



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