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POLO+10 Tournament organised at Iridike Polo: A Thrilling Three-Day Polo Spectacle 

The winners of the POLO+10 Cup, Nairobi Polo Team. © Bianca Wintersteiger @isabellaxbianca

With 4 teams competing at a goal level of 2-4, the tournament was a blend of strategic prowess, athleticism, and equestrian excellence. 

The Championship Final was an intensely competitive encounter between Nairobi and Iridike. Nairobi entered the final with a half-goal advantage, a critical edge in the tightly contested match. Both teams displayed remarkable agility and precision, but Nairobi managed to maintain their slight lead, edging out Iridike with a final score of 6.5 to 6. This nail-biting finish crowned Nairobi as the tournament champions.

The Subsidiary Final saw Dany’s Polo face off against the Ybarra Team. Both teams exhibited impressive skills and coordination, but Dany’s Polo managed to pull ahead, securing a decisive 8-5 victory. This match highlighted the strategic depth and teamwork of Dany’s Polo, earning them a well-deserved spot as the third-place team in the tournament.

Tournament Standings:

1. Nairobi – Demonstrating exceptional skill and determination, Nairobi clinched the first-place title, solidifying their status as the top team of the tournament.

2. Iridike – Despite a valiant effort and a closely fought final, Iridike finished in second place, showcasing their competitive edge and sportsmanship.

3. Dany’s Polo – With a strong performance in the Subsidiary Final, Dany’s Polo secured third place, highlighting their strategic play and teamwork.

4. Ybarra Team – Although they finished fourth, the Ybarra Team played with heart and tenacity, contributing to the overall excitement and high level of competition throughout the tournament.

The POLO+10 tournament was a resounding success, bringing together talented teams and providing thrilling polo action over three days. Each match was a testament to the skill, strategy, and passion that define the sport of polo. Congratulations to all the teams for their outstanding performances, and particularly to Nairobi for emerging as the champions of this prestigious event.

Article written by: Amandine Fay @amandefay

All photos by: Bianca Wintersteiger @isabellaxbianca

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