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Sorrento Polo Team Wins Pedro Morrison Memorial Final; Nic Roldan MVP

By: Rebecca Baldridge
Photos by: ChukkerTV

WELLINGTON, FL, May 24, 2021— Sorrento Polo Team defeated Seminole Casino Coconut Creek by 12-11 to take the Pedro Morrison Memorial title, while Sebucan edged out Barbaroso Leather by 10-9 in the subsidiary.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek (Fran Spinacci, Grant Ganzi, Juancito Bollini, and Alejandro Novillo Astrada) met Sorrento Polo Team (Federico Parker, Tito Gaudenzi, Marc Ganzi, and Nic Roldan). Seminole Casino Coconut Creek ceded three goals to Sorrento Polo Team on handicap.

Tito Gaudenzi jumping the boards during play.

Juancito Bollini put Seminole Casino Coconut Creek on the board in the first chukker, while Nic Roldan was able to score from Penalty 5 from the spot to ensure that Sorrento Polo Team ended the first period with their three-goal lead intact. In the second chukker, Bollini found the goalposts twice, bringing Seminole Casino Coconut Creek within one before Roldan answered with a goal. A foul from Seminole Casino Coconut Creek gave Marc Ganzi the chance to convert a Penalty 3 and the chukker ended with Seminole Casino Coconut Creek trailing 6-3. In the third period, Bollini and Alejandro Novillo Astrada helped Seminole Casino Coconut Creek close in on Sorrento again, but Roldan swept the ball through in answer. A final goal from Grant Ganzi ended the half with Seminole Casino Coconut Creek behind by just one goal, at 7-6.

Alejandro Novillo Astrada reaches for the ball with Nic Roldan and Juancito Bollini close behind.

Roldan got Sorrento Polo Tam on the board first in the fourth chukker, with an answer from Novillo Astrada. Roldan scored yet again to end the period 9-7. The pentultimate chukker saw both teams battling ferociously to score, with Bollini putting the first ball through. Tito Gaudenzi and Roldan scored to take the total on the board up to 11-8 for Sorrento Polo Team , but Novillo Astrada came back with an answer and Grant Ganzi converted a Penalty 2. The final chukker began with Seminole Casino Coconut Creek still nipping at Sorrento Polo Team‘s heels. Bollini scored the equalizer and at 11-11, Seminole Casino Coconut Creek had victory within their grasp. An unlucky foul gave Marc Ganzi the chance to convert a Penalty 2, which won the game for Sorrento Polo Team 12-11.

MVP Nic Roldan with Arvo Katajisto.

Nic Roldan was named MVP, while Cortina, played by Tito Gaudenzi and owned by Santa Rita Polo Farm took the Best Playing Pony award.

In the second match of the day, Sebucan (Gene Goldstein, Pablo Pulido, Tomacho Pieres, and Sugar Erskine) took the field against Barbaroso Leather (Leo Mandelbaum, Justin Daniels, Pablo Spinacci, and Juan Bollini).

Cortina, played by Tito Gaudenzi and owned by Santa Rita Polo Farm, was awarded Best Playing Pony.

While Barbaroso Leather started with one goal on the board, they were unable to get past Sebucan’s defense to score from the field in the first chukker. Goals from Sugar Erskine and Gene Goldstein ended the period 2-1 for Sebucan. Play was back and forth during the second chukker and Barbaroso had no better luck getting on goal, with another great shot from Erskine put Sebucan in the lead by 3-1. Pablo Pulido put a goal through the posts, and it was finally Leo Mandelbaum who was able to get a goal from the field on the board for Barbaroso. A goal from Goldstein ended the half with Sebucan in the lead by 5-2.

Newport‘s Sugar Erskine hits a nearside buckshot while Leo Mandelbaum defends.

Both teams turned the power up a notch when they returned after the half. Leo Mandelbaum put the first ball through the posts, but Sebucan found themselves on an offensive streak, scoring four goals in a row. Goldstein led the charge, followed by Tomacho Pieres and Pablo Pulido. Pieres scored again, putting Sebucan in the lead by 9-3 before Justin Daniels was able to score and end the period with Barbaroso down by 9-4. Barbaroso started to gain momentum in the fifth chukker, outscoring Sebucan for the first time. Spinacci and Mandelbaum both scored for Barbaroso, while Pulido was responsible for Sebucan’s only goal in the chukker. Barbaroso played a spectacular final chukker, keeping Sebucan off the board while Daniels, Mandelbaum and Spinacci were all able to put the ball through. Unfortunately for Barbaroso, they found their rhythm too late and went down to Sebucan by 10-9.

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