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The European polo highlight event! Setting the momentum of the twentieth anniversary edition

The 2020 French Open will forever remain a noteworthy classic with great teams, great organizations and exceptional Argentine players who went on to shine during the Argentine high season. The momentum seems to be continuing!   So far, ten teams have already signed up for the 2021 edition of the most prestigious competition in France, the third step of the French Triple Crown.

The magic moments on the Chantilly Polo Club grounds last September, with these high-level matches, which brought together some of the best players on the international circuit, are still remembered.

Some of these great players will be back this September, starting with the young prodigy Jeta Castagnola, who has remained loyal to Edouard Carmignac’s French team Talandracas, along with Chilean-Irish Tommy Beresford, winner of the 2020 French Open and finalist in the Copa Camara last December. 

So far, eight players of the Argentine “alta temporada” have already confirmed their presence.  

While the entries are not yet final, the ENGEL & VÖLKERS 2021 French Open will already feature at least seven players from the great Argentinean season. Thus, in addition to Jeta Castagnola and Tommy Beresford, the public of the Open will discover Jero Del Caril (in the French team Kazak) and will see Martin Aguerre Jr (Marquard Media, SUI), Clemente Zavaleta (Sainte-Mesme, FRA), Rufino Bensadon and Juan-Gris Zavaleta (Le Pommeraye, FRA) Tito Ruiz Guiñazu and Facundo Llorente (La Magdeleine, FRA). Great players and fighters, who will light up the games!  And the list is not yet finalized!

Respectable French presence

Fifteen French players appear on the list, including seven captains, the two French handicap 6: Brieuc Rigaux (Britanny Polo) and Pierre-Henri Ngoumou (Mungo), the handicap 5: Patrick Paillol (Kazak) and Clément Delfosse (for the German team Schockemöhle who will, like La Magdeleine, return from the English Gold Cup). The professional Caroline Anier, (Le Pommeraye) best French women player of all time who was handicap 4 (mixed) a few years ago. Another French team, with the young French hopeful Sam Sztarkmann, Majoa Polo Team, will tip the odds having teamed up up three Argentinean handicap 5.

French Lifestyle

The French Open is a beautiful and enchanting interlude in the largest club in France. Eight playing fields in a natural setting, beautiful images of the sport’s fighting spirit full in emotion in a very leisurely atmosphere during the week, often at sunset. The Tacos Bar, the polo food-truck, is always there on the edge of the field to quench thirsts and appease small appetites. On weekends, the matches are commented, which makes them more understandable for the public.

Fridays are particularly festive with the famous convivial “aperitifs” in the “Orangerie” along the fields of honor with entertainment after the day’s match. On the day of the finals, there will be a prestigious village with stores and entertainment, an “Orangerie” that turns into an upscale restaurant, a champagne bar and perfect chic picnic areas that run the whole length of the field.  The French Open is a unique opportunity to discover a country sport in a friendly setting, out of the ordinary!

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