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Oliver Winter, President | German Polo Association DPV
Bernhard Willroth


Dear friends of POLO+10, dear Polo friends,

the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences influence our everyday life during these weeks. The first concern of course is for our families and friends. Protecting their health and limiting the spread of the virus still is our greatest common obligation.

We are all asked to adapt to the current circumstances, follow the restrictions in our sport and the advice for personal distancing where necessary.

And we can see that in following official advice we are successfully fighting Covid-19. As a result in more and more countries the strict measures will be eased in the upcoming weeks, a return to limited training slowly is possible. Polo clubs and stables affected from the restrictions have mastered the special challenges very well. Despite the sometimes limiting possibilities, the care for the horses was and is always upheld. And fortunately the good and close cooperation with the authorities has made it possible to quickly implement individual training plans.

Our Polo clubs and all their staff have made the best of the situation so far, for which I thank them on behalf of all Polo players!

But despite these positive experiences, the Corona virus has also affected our sport noticeably. Especially those of us who live from and with Polo, the coaches, referees, grooms, but also professional players and tournament organizers, have been hit economically by the effects of the pandemic.

We see that individual training in many clubs is possible again, that many of us can continue their work with the horses. Many clubs are currently preparing for a reduced season, so unfortunately we will not see every tournament originally scheduled for this year. Main events such as the European Polo Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan and various big national tournaments are already postponed to 2021. And the training of young people will probably only be possible to a very limited extent in this 2020 season.

Still we should be optimistic for the second half of this year. As soon as possible we will see small tournaments being considered in many places and later in the year we all hope for further liftings of  the sanctions and maybe some High Goal events. Polo is a mesmerizing and dynamic team sport. It is our passion to live it and to share it with our family, friends and the many fans and spectators.

We are experiencing strong solidarity in the Polo family and I am very happy to see the support and help offered everywhere. I hope you enjoy this edition of POLO+10 and that we will meet again soon at a Polo ground. Please stay healthy and take care!

Let‘s enjoy Polo!

Oliver Winter, President | German Polo Association DPV
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