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Narrow victory for the Fashion Polo Team

The fight for the Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. ended the 2013 polo season at the Argentario Polo Club. The final of the international polo tournament Coppa Italia F.I.S.E. was full of suspense until the last second an took place on a wonderful sunny day un front of a large audience. In the end, the Italian Fashion Polo Team with Irene Gianni (-1), Alberto Galantino (+2), Goffredo Cutinelli (+3) and Therence Cusmano (+2) won against Polina Nazarova (0), Octavio Olmedo (+3), Fernando Mino (+3) and Robert Szucs (0) of the Hungarian Cassiopeia Polo Team by 4-3.
During the competition for the sixth edition of the Coppa Italia F.I.S.E., the ten international participating teams with a handicap of +4 to +6 also played for the Tuscany Cup and the Argentario Cup.

The standings:
Coppa Italia F.I.S.E.
1. Fashion Polo Team (+6)
Irene Gianni (-1)
Alberto Galantino (+2)
Goffredo Cutinelli (+3)
Therence Cusmano (+2)
2. Cassiopeia Polo Team (+6)
Polina Nazarova (0)
Octavio Olmedo (+3)
Fernando Mino (+3)
Robert Szucs (0)
3. La Mimosa (+6)
Marco Calderaro (-1)
Paolo Claderaro (0)
Matias Coria (+3)
Ignacio del Tour (+4)
4. Moscow Polo Club (+5)
Pavel Isaev (0)
Elya Duissemaliyeva (-1)
Michael Bruggler (0)
Tomas Maiquez (+6)
Tuscany Cup
1. La Ginevra (+6)
Ginevra d’Orazio (0)
Luca Evangelista d’Orazio (+1)
Santiago Schinoni (+3)
Ignacio Ithurburu (+2)
2. Drytech (+5)
Luana Krattiger (-1)
Andreas Krattiger (0)
Francisco Romano (+2)
Julio Coria (+4)
Argentario Cup
1. Epheso Mimosa (+6)
Caterina Deana (-1)
Stefania Annunziata (0)
Edoardo Ferrari (+2)
Juan Josè Storni (+5)
2. Il Duca Polo (+6)
Giulio Franco (-1)
Stefano Pisa di Monterosa (+1)
Oscar Carona (+2)
Paulo Bertola (+4)
3. Argentario Polo Club (+6)
Luca Frontini (-1)
Matias Bertola (+1)
Giacomo Galantino (+1)
Santiago Loza (+5)

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