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Cover Parade POLO+10

Time journey through 15 years of POLO+10 work. Not only the main issues but also a big number of tournament magazines for international polo organisers rank among the “best of” covers.

15 years POLO+10 not only contain a lot of information, interviews and stories, but also a lot of creativity. Again and again we have received great praise from all over the world for how „different, surprising and new“ polo is shown on the covers of our issues. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all the photo-graphers and creative people who have created POLO+10 with us over the past 15 years and who have accompanied us through the many creative processes.


© Thomas Wirth, Founder,


Photo credits and illustrations by:


POLO+10 2004  I: Photography, Ralph Hektor, Jürgen Joost
POLO+10 2004 II: Photography, La Martina
POLO+10 2005  I: Illustration, Nordpol+ Hamburg / Brioni
POLO+10 2005 II: Photography, Hansmann PR/Agentur Manitours
POLO+10 2006  I: Photography, Jacques Toffi
POLO+10 2006 II: Photography, Peter Rowley /
POLO+10 2008 II: Illustration, POLO+10 / Santa Gustina
POLO+10 2009  I: Photography, Nacho Corbalan
POLO+10 2009 II: Photography, Jacques Toffi / Illustration, Kristina Krebs
POLO+10 2010  I: Photography, Jacques Toffi / Illustration, Kristina Krebs
POLO+10 2010 II: Photography, Holger Weiß / Art, Mauro Bergonzoli
POLO+10 2011  I: Photography, Jacques Toffi
POLO+10 2011 II: Photography, Christina Körte & Torsten Kollmer
POLO+10 2012  I: Photography, Tom König
POLO+10 2012 II: Photography, Mark N. Crislip
POLO+10 2013  I: Photography, Oliver Schmidt
POLO+10 2014  I: Illustration, Evgenia Ivanova
POLO+10 2014 II: Photography, Matthias Gruber
POLO+10 2015  I: Photography, Antoine Delaporte
POLO+10 2015 II: Photography, Rolf Simon
POLO+10 2016  I: Photography, Valeria Cetraro
POLO+10 2016 II: Photography, Matthias Gruber
POLO+10 2017  I : Photography, Matthias Gruber
POLO+10 2017 II: Photography, Evelina Jakovlevskaja
POLO+10 2018  I: Photography, Christian Schirbort
POLO+10 2018 II: Photography, Baltic Polo Events GmbH
POLO+10 2019  I: Photography, Nacho Corbalán


POLO+10 WORLD 2012   : Photography, Tom König
POLO+10 WORLD 2013   : Photography, Mark N. Crislip
POLO+10 WORLD 2014  I: Photography, Careyes Polo Club
POLO+10 WORLD 2014 II: Photography, Matthias Gruber
POLO+10 WORLD 2015  I: Photography, Nacho Corbalán
POLO+10 WORLD 2015 II: Photography, Mark N. Crislip
POLO+10 WORLD 2016  I: Photography, Federico Levy
POLO+10 WORLD 2016 II: Photography, Robert W. Kranz
POLO+10 WORLD 2018  I: Photography, Matthias Gruber
POLO+10 WORLD 2018 II: Photography, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts
POLO+10 WORLD 2019  I: Photography, Gabrielle Stodd.

tournament magazines (small selection)
POLO+10 FRANCE 2013: Photography,Pascal Renauldon, R&BPresse
Polo Masters Sylt:
Photography, Kiki Schneider
Beach Polo World Cup Sylt: Photography, Holger Widera
Lanson Open Hamburg: Photography, Rolf Simon
Youpooly Polo Challenge Hamburg: Photography, Marco Bühl
German Medium Goal Championship: Photography, Valeria Cetraro
Julius Bär Beach Polo World Cup Sylt: Photography, Bernhard Willroth
Bucherer Polo Cup Berlin: Photography, elxeneize – / Valeria Cetraro
German Polo Championship Medium Goal, Gut Ising: Photography, Matthias Gruber
Pinctada Cable Beach Polo: Photography, Cable Beach Polo Pty Ltd.
Piaget Polo Open Zürich: Photography, Piaget
Berenberg German Polo Masters Sylt: Photography, Matthias Gruber
Frankfurt Gold Cup: Photography, Valeria Cetraro
Engel & Völkers Berlin Maifeld Cup: Photography, Norbert Steffen / Collage POLO+10 Natalia Simonsen
Bucherer High Goal Cup Gut Aspern: Photography, Original Dietmar Kirsch (1977) / Grafik, POLO+10 Jan Nguyen
Snow Polo World Cup Kitzbühel: Cover, POLO+10 Natalia Simonsen
Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz: Photography, Swiss Image
Rovinj Beach Polo Cup: Photography, Croatia Polo
PPZ International Ladies Polo Cup: Photography, Evelina Jakovlevskaja
BMW Polo Cup Gut Basthorst 10 Year Jubilee: Cover, POLO+10 Natalia Simonsen
PPZ Luxury Trophy 20 Year Jubilee: Cover, POLO+10 Natalia Simonsen
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